Saturday, April 30, 2016

IF you think and you feel you also soul travel

Think about this for a moment. You might out of common sense believe you live on the same street you always did. But, in a way you don't because you are on a spinning orb traveling through the universe so fast it would make your head spin if you realized it fully. In order for the sun to travel around the earth the way it does it means that the earth is spinning at around 1000 miles per hour all the time. If it didn't spin the sun would never move (to us) and then everyone on the light side of the planet would be burning up and everyone on the other side would be freezing.

The point is whether you realize it or not everything is changing all the time. It is only the illusion that things are not changing. However, they are.

The same is true with how we experience reality from birth until old age. Every new experience changes us. Every new thought and feeling changes us. IN a sense we are a new person every single second of our lives because our thoughts, our feelings, our bodies are moving thousands of miles an hour whether we realize it or not all the time.

Now, what are you thinking right now?

What were you thinking 24 hours ago?

2 years ago?

10 years ago?
20 or more years ago?

What if I told you that when you think of them you in consciousness actually go to be with them?

Because you do to a greater or lesser degree.

Because I'm a conscious soul traveler this can get a little more extreme with me but everyone soul travels they just don't realize that when they think of something they are there according to how much feeilng they put into it and how much concentration they put into it.

Some people are painters. A soul traveler learns to paint with his mind. You paint a picture and then you go get into that picture if you want to. But, be careful. Some pictures aren't safe for people to be in.

People think it is just their physical bodies they have to protect.

No. You have to protect your soul too or your body dies from the problems created one way or another.

So, understanding you must protect your mind and feelings in some ways even more than you protect your bodies or you will just get ill and die.

Freaking out about all this doesn't help. Being practical just like someone driving a car must be does.

So, learn what you need to do to protect not only your body but also your immortal soul which helps keep this body alive here on earth.

Otherwise, you soon will be dead or worse.

But, freaking out usually won't help. Being practical about the whole thing will.

As a soul traveler who is proficient since the late 1960s I've learned the most important thing is to find a way to be calm no matter what happens. The weirder it is the more important it is to be observant but calm and ready to run if the need arises.

But, being observant of what is happening around you physically but also on supernatural levels will actually keep you alive to an old and happy age.

By God's Grace

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