Thursday, April 28, 2016

Saint Germain

Of Course there are the Historical records of Saint Germain from eyewitness accounts in longhand of those that knew him then in the 1700s. There are also records of Francis Bacon the illegitimate son (one of two) of Queen Elizabeth I of England (because her mother had lost her head she wasn't going to lose hers too.) She is sometimes considered the first truly liberated woman of the Western World because of this.

Then there is my own personal experiences with Saint Germain and Jesus from before my birth into the Saint Germain foundation. My mother found The "I AM" activity (Saint Germain Foundation) in 1936 through her father when she was only 16. My father found the "I Am" activity through the parents of his first wife in 1939 and he read the "I AM" green books while chartering a Yacht to Tahiti then in 1939. So, by the time his brother and he and his first wife returned through Hawaii 2 years later World War II was beginning so they went back to the mainland where it was safer than being in the Pacific Ocean at that time out in the middle.

My parents were married in 1946 and I came along in 1948 with both of them having been Saint Germain Foundation (Students) from 1936 and 1940 respectively in Seattle, Washington where they met at the Saint Germain Foundation through friends there and traveled the west coast with a group of young people to big classes in places like Los Angeles with Mrs. Ballard because by this time Mr. Ballard had passed on.

They read to me first "Unveiled Mysteries" before I was 5 years old but I personally as a child was much more impressed with "The Magic Presence" because it had young people riding horses through the Tetons and the Magical Cave of Symbols. So,  there was never really a time in my life without Jesus or Saint Germain or Archangel Michael who came at my age 2 to heal me of whooping cough with his band of Arcangels. This led me over the years to become a soul traveler like the Arcangels are and to travel with them more and more through time and space.

In a soul body there are no physical limitations as long as you are on a divine quest and traveling with angels who know what to do and what not to do while soul traveling the universe. So, by the time I was in my early 20s I became proficient at soul traveling in this way.

However, over time I realized I was also a Saint Germain initiate and this eventually took me beyond any religious organization into becoming what might be described as "One of Saint Germain's Secret Agents".

This started with an extremely profound experience on Easter 1973 after visiting Lake Shrine in Los Angeles at the Self Realization Fellowship there. That evening the violet sacred fire appeared to me profoundly more intense than ever before in my life and for around 1 hour I watched the smoke come up out of my chest from all the sadness and unhappiness in my life which literally made me "Born Again". Then when Saint Germain appeared to me it was so very powerful that I lost consciousness. I woke up a few hours later and realized my brain and body had been completely reprogrammed into being one of Saint Germain's bodies on earth. In the 1980s in fact sometimes people thought I WAS Saint Germain on Mt. Shasta. I told them I was one of his students but they didn't believe me because I was so much like him physically at that time. So, I understood then that I was one of Saint Germain's bodies here on earth. So, there is no time I can remember since before birth that Saint Germain was not a part of my life. And this is a Good and Sacred thing. Jesus along with Saint Germain have always been a part of my life healing me and enlightening me at every single point along the way.

By God's Grace

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