Wednesday, April 27, 2016

More regarding the Comte de Saint Germain

The Comte de Saint Germain is an actual historical figure who knew Several of the Louis Kings of France including the XVI and Marie Antoinette. He is an interesting figure in that he was considered to be royalty and traveled to many courts throughout Europe including England. You could call him a scientist, a courtier, a spy for several nations (mostly France and England) and if you think he was also Francis Bacon born in the 1500s he also wrote the Shakespearean plays under the pen name William Shakespeare and also was the Father of the Scientific Method and one of the illegitimate sons of Queen Elizabeth I. He is also known to have been Prince Ragoczy of Transylvania (if you believe he was three people at once and the foremost Oriental Adept of Europe at the time and quite an excellent Concert Violinist of the times as well. It all depends what you believe because it is sort of like Jesus where there are now religions built around him that don't necessarily agree with history, so Saint Germain is sort of the same thing. It all depends upon what you believe at this point. Because unless you are a time traveler who can go back in time you aren't going to meet them in their native environments and know for sure what actually happened from the 1500s to the 1800s or after or the Times of Christ around the year zero AD.

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