Thursday, April 21, 2016

VICE on HBO, Ep. 409: The Future of Energy

  1. A girl in a doctor's office told me about the great documentary show 'Vice' on HBO. I think it is on every "Sunday?" here on the west coast where I live.

    I know some people are understandably upset about the nuclear fission part of this program. However, if you are more technically educated in the beginning the young man from Nevada is not talking about nuclear fission they are talking about burning up nuclear waste (which now can be done with new technology. So, what is going on is a revolution in nuclear technology and a movement towards nuclear fusion which is like the Sun.The Sun is constant nuclear fusion. Old Nuclear fission nuclear power plants like Fukushima that melted down 3 reactors is going to be dangerous and flowing radiated water into the ocean for 25,000 years there or longer. However, if you can use a nuclear power plant to "Burn Up" the nuclear waste since the 1940s on earth that might be  good thing to do with the incredible amount of nuclear waste now on earth. Because the only safe place to put it right now is in a space ship you run into the sun. No other place in the entire Solar system is safe to put nuclear fission waste. So, if we can burn it up while generating electricity that might be good. Also, best of all would be a small sun of nuclear fusion operating your car that would be controlled because then we wouldn't have to use up all the water on earth by separating it into hydrogen and Oxygen and burning both as a fuel source once oil runs out later this century or the next (even shale oil). Also, we need oil for making plastics of all kinds too even if we aren't burning it. However, solar and wind are replenishable and by 2025 solar energy will be cheaper than oil for energy everywhere on the planet. Understanding all this takes a little time but it is well worth it if you want to be knowledgeable on the subject of energy.

    For example, regarding fission and Fukushima, eventually all those tanks they fill with radiated water in trying to protect the ocean are all one by one going to rust out or melt out and the radiated water is going to go into the sea there within the next 25 to 100 or more years already.

    This particular episode is very important regarding the future survival of the human race on earth and is in regard to "The future of energy". Through people like Elon Musk and his Power Wall battery system for solar energy powered from our roofs to the batteries he uses in his Tesla cars to a young man in Nevada who built a Nuclear fusion device in his garage at age 14 who is one of those amazing inventors in the mold of Silver and Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison that I write about some here at this site in things like:

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  3. Vice the Future of energy was an Nuclear power ad....
    What did you do? go the Atomic Energy Commission (now called the DOE but still 90% nuclear work) and ask them to help you write the episode? 

    Season 04

    45: The Future of Energy

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