Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Intuitive Day?

I woke up this morning sort of feeling faint. When I do this I was feeling all the members of my family at a distance to make sure they were all okay. Also, if there is a big earthquake somewhere else on earth might affect me in this way too. But, I knew for sure my family was all okay but I still felt faint. Then my wife told me that we weren't sitting together on the plane. I said I didn't want to travel at this age feeling this way alone in a different class (1st class) while she was sitting on coach. (These were the only seats she could get. Since we had rented a Candy apple red 2016 Camaro Convertible in Las Vegas I said, "You know, if you drove the Camaro back that might work."

So, we called our travel agent to see if we could get a refund on 1/2 of the tickets but this particular airline had a 200 dollar change fee so this wasn't going to work at least with this airline. We called the car rental place and they said it would be 107 dollars more to  drive it to Los Angeles and we agreed to this. By the time we loaded up the car for Los Angeles (LAX to return the car and get our own car which we had driven south to Los Angeles before flying to Las Vegas I was feeling better and I drove with the top down for the first two hours and was a happy camper.

It turned out it was my dog who is an 8 year old Yellow Lab sort of like Marley in the movie. He loves to chase balls that I throw in the wilds or at the ocean nearby with a "Chuckit". But, I've been gone since last thursday now so he only gets exercise with a gentle Leader which he doesn't like. Out on the trails he will obey my commands and so is safe even off leash but our housekeeper doesn't do this or isn't as familiar with him and so puts a gentle leader on him with a leash and walks him down our street and around our community and often she might meet other dogs so she needs the gentle leader to control him better. Because if he starts to pull it is sort of like being pulled by a 93 pound horse who is very very strong.

So, today he got sick from eating foxtails either while walking or in a yard somewhere so he kept throwing up. So, it was really good we were able to use our cellphones and my wife had him taken to the vet to make sure he didn't need his gall bladder removed or something. Our last big dog Furby who was a Australian Shepard Long Hair German Shepard mix had a tumor removed that got big like a grapefruit at age 12 and then lived another 3 1/2 years to 15 and 1/2 years old before he called it quits. He was the single smartest dog I ever knew. He was much more like a human being than a dog always and much smarter than most people too and even comfortable with Wolves by nature (that are extremely smart and don't bark and can run backwards.

People try to compare wolves to dogs and you just can't because they are completely different in nature. It's like trying to compare a house cat to a wild tiger in the wilds. You really shouldn't try to do it at all.

I remember our old tree trimmer used to come to work often with a wolf that was his pet and he would look at you sort of saying, "I could kill you if I wanted to but I won't because I'm not hungry right now." As an Intuitive that was exactly what he was thinking at the time I knew.

This is not how most dogs think unless they are pit bulls trained for killing other dogs or humans.

Most dogs with people are more like puppies than wild dogs are. So, in some ways having your dog be a puppy for life is a way to keep your kids and you alive too. But, out in the wilds puppies die. This is important to know too.

So, I realized the reason we didn't fly was so our dog would come through the day okay by sending him to the vet through our daughter and our housekeeper. So, this was good we didn't fly today and instead drove. The worst problem we ran into regarding the dog  is there are some dead spots with no cell reception between Las Vegas and Barstow. So, if you have anything important to say to anyone on earth, either you need a satellite phone or you need to be in line of sight with a cell tower somewhere that you can see on a mountain top usually somewhere nearby.

Then I drove through all the way from Las Vegas to San Bernadino on Interstate 15 and let my wife drive because I told her I wouldn't drive through traffic. However, then I was navigator and I had to be GPS expert on Google Maps which was okay but I found the print on some of the highways too small to read on my Iphone. So, there were some problems there too. So, along about 7pm we arrived at the airport LAX and offloaded our luggage to our own car that we drove down to L.A. from the San Francisco area and I drove the Candy Apple Red Camaro convertible and my wife drove our Lexus to the car rental yard. But then, they charged us a different price in Los Angeles than they did in Las Vegas so then we were there until 8:30 or more straightening that out to our satisfaction because we were not going to pay 200 dollars more than our contract read in Las Vegas. They  realized what the problem was because there was a good manager there luckily so they deducted the extra 200 dollars they tried to charge us which was a misunderstanding. So, we left there tired but not at the point where we never would ever rent another car from them. So, that's a good thing too. By 9:30 we finally reached our hotel in Orange County and now we are finally resting for the night and luckily room service was still operating that late so we could have dinner and my daughter texted two pictures of both our dogs sleeping soundly. So, alls well that ends well I guess.

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