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Fall 1999

One year before I had experienced thinking I was dying when I walked into the bathroom and my lips were turning blue and I couldn't feel my arms much and thought I was both fainting and dying at the same time. So, I walked into the living room to call my son to come get me because my wife was already at work and I knew calling an ambulance likely would be the end of me as I might just die of shock since my father died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital in 1985. So, this is fall 1998.

But then after I called my son to come take me to the hospital the angels appeared to me. I thought they had come to take me to heaven. But no, they were firm that it wasn't time for me to die.

They kept saying, 'You aren't going to die! Your life will get better now!"

They kept saying this over and over and I felt intoxicated by them encircling me like this and I felt their powerful invocations permeating my whole body and mind.  So, even though a human part of me was still afraid I was dying my cells of my body were completely convinced that what the angels were saying was true.

So, 8 months later when I was told by doctors "Oh by the way we figured out what was wrong with you, you had a heart virus and your heart has repaired itself now. You can live a normal lifespan now likely!"

It was May 1999 and my wife's step mother had died in March and her mother had died in April and my wife had miscarried our 2nd child to be. So, a lot had happened including me having to not panic all the many times I had passed out because of my heart virus and if I panicked even once I would have died because of the way a human body works under these conditions. But, I had studied meditation with Tibetan Lamas and so knew how not to panic so I lived by controlling my mind and preventing panic from setting in so I didn't die like all the other people I knew of who had heart viruses had in California that year.

That fall my son had boarded a plane with his friend. His friend had just gotten his physics degree from UCSC and in celebration wanted to spend a few months with a Eurail pass going all over Europe. My son was 25 and his high school friend was 24 at the time. So, I drove my son and his friend to the San Francisco Airport and they flew off to Europe with Eurail passes each.

After I put them on the plane about a month or two later I decided to take my mother and 10 year old daughter to Scotland to show my mother where her parents were raised near Glasgow, Scotland which I did. Later I took them to Munich, Germany by plane where we met my son and his friend and we all rented a 6 passenger Diesel 5 speed shifter Motorhome (which is quite different than the same thing here by the way). It is manual shift and diesel because of all the mountain roads without guard rails then in 1999 in the Alps. It was a Fiat Diesel powered Motor home we rented. We drove this as far as Northern Italy.

After it was cloudy on the Swiss side we drove through the tunnels into Northern Italy where it was snowing. Soon we descended enough so it wasn't snowing anymore and it became rain into Aoste, Italy. I got it the next day that we should try to find where the Crystal Palace would be around 7000 AD where King Interlaken and Elohar and Ragna would be living so I intuitively drove up near the matterhorn in Italy. As I intuitively went out many unusual paved roads it started to get dark but I sensed I was getting nearer to the location. Finally, I felt it being near and here is the funniest thing of all. When we were actually there is was the same location as the Dalai Lama Camping Club in 1999.

I still laugh about this sometimes as it is such an amazing but true story.

However, this was too much for my son's friend who is an atheist and he freaked out and had to get out of the motorhome with his backpack and my son joined him out of respect to his friend and they walked down the road to a youth hostel and my mother and 10 year old daughter went down to Aoste and stayed at the Christina Hotel there and rested for the long drive back to Munich to return the motorhome there before we flew back to London and then rented a Car and drove to Glastonbury Tor where King Arthur and Guinevere are thought to be buried at the Glastonbury Abbey which is in town near a large parking lot there. (You can find the ruins of the Glastonbury Abbey which was the richest in all of England until King Henry VIII ransacked it and looted it) because of the legends and history of King Arthur and Merlin there from almost 1000 years before.

When I got within 20 miles of Glastonbury I felt the powerful clarity of thought of Saint Germain and Merlin in this area. It is a lot like Mt. Shasta in that it is a power point in England and also where the Isle of Avalon still is, only it isn't an island anymore because it rained more then. Now the lake is dried up and is farmland growing food or raising sheep there where the lake once was. However, I hear in really heavy rains it still floods there once in a while.

In 2011 I brought my wife and my older daughter and younger daughter this time because Mom had passed away in 2008. I also brought along my older daughter's boyfriend to Glastonbury this time. The first time I came I didn't discover Glastonbury Abbey, only the 2nd time by (accident)? When we walked by the graves of King Arthur and Guinevere it was very touching. This was a very special experience for all of us. Later we all took a train from Bristol to Edinburgh, Scotland and then rented another Mercedes and drove up as far as Aberdeen to meet friends of my wife from years ago, a doctor and his wife then.

If you travel to Europe and are interested, Glastonbury is an important place to go if you are interested in Francis Bacon, Merlin and Saint Germain. Versailles in France near Paris is also a place where the Comte De Saint Germain visited and I could still feel his presence there too. I suppose if you are in northern Italy you might visit:

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    Where the Crystal Palace actually exists on the first timeline at around 7000 Ad with King Interlaken and Elohar and Ragna there. We are presently on the 2nd timeline which began on 9-11-2001 and was created by them in the future with permission from the Galactic Sentience. So, we owe them a debt of gratitude for the good lives we live now instead of being incinerated like 5 billion people were on the first timeline by nuclear weapons during the 1st timeline's 9-11

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