Saturday, April 30, 2016

Everyone is a soul traveler all the time they just might not realize it

Why is this?

Because people are usually taught (in the western materialistic world) that we are trapped in our bodies until we die (which is never true by the way) unless you want people to be your slaves and work like slaves for you until they all die and are so angry they come back to haunt you.

So, thinking you are trapped in a physical body isn't true in the first place (unless you are brainwashed into believing that) by the people or culture around you in the first place.

Understanding that you are a soul that lives in a human body like a person drives in a car to get somewhere. But, the person is not the car they are the passenger of the body and not the body anymore than you are the car or bus or truck you are driving or riding in.

However, if you want to live a good life here on planet earth you have to take good care of your body or your whole family and all your friends are going to be upset. So, even if you learn that you are soul traveling you have some responsibility to take care of your body or else you soon will be dead or very ill and then dead.

So, understanding that life is a serious game but still a game, but still serious is maybe the important thing here in the end.

When I actually met God this is what God told me. I asked why he had created me. He said "I created you because I was (bored) I later realized that bored is not the right word it is "empty" which is an entirely different thing than being bored.

And I said to God, "What is the purpose of life?"

And God said, "The purpose of life is to love and to bless life."

And then God said, "If you harm or kill any other being or person it is like cutting off one of God's fingers."

This completely changed how I saw the universe in thinking I was one of God's Fingers and that everyone else was one of God's fingers too.

So, I realized God would be pretty mad if anyone cut off one of his fingers and likely take it out on them.

I came back from this experience with God and shook for a long time because it shook me to the core.

In the Bible it says, "No man may see God and Live!" But I did. But a better way to put this was the me that was before died and I had to become a new me. I was reborn which is what they mean by "No Man may see God and Live!" This is true. If you SEE God you never will be the same ever again because you will die inside and be reborn again.

By God's Grace

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