Monday, April 25, 2016

wifi difficult in Las Vegas

What I've noticed is that cell phone data can be terrible and wifi can be terrible along the strip in Las Vegas, probably worse than almost anywhere you can get wifi. My thought is that it is that so many people are trying to use wifi and data on their phones that most of the time you might as well be where there are no bars on your phone at all if you try to do anything at all. But, then you walk 10 feet somewhere else and it might be okay or 10 minutes or an hour later it might be okay for 10 minutes and then be terrible the rest of the night. So, go figure. This is just what I've noticed.

However, if you turn your TV on you can get cable wherever you are staying. So, it's just cell phone data, wifi and sometimes trying to make wireless calls at all where you get bumped off in the middle of a conversation. All these things seem to happen all the time along the strip in Vegas.

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