Saturday, April 23, 2016

Round the World Solar powered flight

If you look at the advanced solar cells on the Solar Impulse 2 in the last article you can see the whole wing, top of fuselage and horizontal part of tail section has solar cells on it. Likely combined with batteries something like Tesla makes is what makes this whole thing possible. Over time, it is possible you will see vehicles like this transporting larger and larger groups of people  across nations and oceans all over the world. We are sort of like at the stage in solar flight where we were sometime between World War I and World War II with regular flight. However, Solar technology is going to make Solar cheaper financially to use in all nations on earth than oil is by 2025. However, in less developed nations you will still see mostly gasoline and diesel engines for some time to come. However, Solar will power not only planes but also cars more like solar powers Teslas and other plug in electrics and plug in hybrids often now.

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