Friday, April 29, 2016

hotel wifi killed my macbook pro

I was staying at a nice hotel near Disneyland and my computer stopped working. Then when I put it on recharge thinking this was the problem the light was green which meant it was recharged completely. But, what was strange was that the while light that tells you the computer is on wasn't going more intense and less intense and stayed at the same rate which it never does. Then, when I opened the computer laptop, nothing and the little light went out. I suspected it was the Hotel wifi because of the way it was acting. Later my wife talked to the concierge and they said it had killed many computers, Ipads and smartphones but they can't seem to stop it. It is a that is a fake one that destroys everything electronic that doesn't have the very latest software. I tried my wife's computer but it said the was fake and wouldn't go online at all.

But, this isn't all bad because I need to change the battery in my Macbook pro if I'm going to keep it rather than to buy another one. So, if they can rescue my laptop then I will have them change the battery too.

But, it is why I haven't been blogging at all the last 36 hours or so. So, I thought I'd let you know. So, now I'm back home near San Francisco and using my wife's large IMac at home.

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