Sunday, April 24, 2016

Reasons why Home Schooling or Private school is better than public school

Public School is Always MEAN and sometimes fatal.

One of my college teachers said that public schools were an alternative to reformatories for kids and I  fully agree with him. When you send your kids to public school you will never get the same kids back you raised until they were 4. Never. Likely they will never be your friend again and might hate you after their first week in public school. In many schools I would say that which is worse? (Going to public school or going to war?) My response would be: "What's the difference?"

I can remember knife fights at lunch in school in High School. I can remember little nerdy kids being rolled down the hill in the schools trash cans and crying. I can remember trying to protect whoever I could who was smaller than I and sometimes having to risk my own life to do this. This was public school in the U.S. in the 1950s and 1960s.

Are things better now? No. They are much worse.


Because now people are stopped from hurting each other in school.

You might say, 'What's wrong with that?"

When people had to hurt each other up close and personal it was less likely people were going to die than now.

NOW because often you cannot touch anyone or say anything to anyone that when things get out of hand people die now more than when I grew up.

When I grew up you might get a black eye, you might get a broken arm, you might even get stabbed. But, it was relatively unlikely you would be killed compared to now. But, people are so repressed and confused in school now that if things get out of hand now people just die suddenly. There is no in between place where people might actually survive and have their lives like when I grew up.

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