Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Time is Always being refined and changed

Because of this what you take for granted history wise may no longer be true on the timeline you presently live. However, sometimes you will see the changes as you study history in newer publications.

History is actually (HIS Story) which usually means it is written by the winners of any conflicts that occur. So, taking any history as gospel is pretty ridiculous in the first place because of this.

However, it is helpful in understanding how cultures got to be the way they are just like in studying the religions of the world as in "Comparative Religions" is helpful in understanding why countries are the way they are today.

But, if you are wise and practical you will also see that just accepting that time is always being refined and changed in the past, present and future (or else you would already be dead) is a useful way to view how the world actually is and has always been.

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