Monday, April 25, 2016

Being an inventor

If your finances are already okay often you can invent and share your ideas with mankind. You can be someone like Elon Musk whose purpose is to make sure mankind doesn't go extinct. You can see it in how he moves through life. He has companies like Tesla which has cars that go zero to 60 in about 3 seconds that are all electric. You can see it in his space company which is breaking barriers into the stars. So, if you are someone like myself that sees many futures and many pasts and presents, you can share what you see with mankind. This tends to make mankind be prepared for almost anything.

Being a futurist is helpful and a part of the inventiveness of all mankind. It isn't just the metal or plastic technology either. It is a part of how we think, how we act, how we all are changing, how we all choose to survive and prosper in every way.

As I was walking into a hotel in Las Vegas I saw a man working sweeping up cigarette butts in a rest room there that someone likely had put their illegally in this big hotel. I felt his aura and he was completely feeling sorry for himself in a completely unhealthy way. I saw him just completely indulging in feeling sorry for himself like a child would.

It's not that I can't get like that sometimes too when the world seems to close in on me and I have to find another way forward in life.

But, at those times you have to have courage to invent a better life for yourself rather than just indulging in feeling sorry for yourself forever and then you die young from it.

You have to find a new way forward by inventing a new and better life for yourself (and your kids and grandkids). Often if you don't not only you but your kids and grandkids are harmed by your lack of action too.

1 year ago I thought I might have to take my own life because I couldn't see a way forward after a burst appendix to a life with a high enough quality that I would actually choose to live. However, I realized I couldn't just give up because so many people were depending on me in my life. So, I had to find a way to reinvent myself once again.

Though life isn't the same since my burst appendix and now I have to deal with a hernia caused by the operation (Laproscopic) Operation for a burst appendix, I have made it now 1 year later and though I do feel older and have more aches and pains I'm relatively healthy now compared to last year.

So, at every stage in life we are constantly reinventing ourselves by seeing what works and what doesn't work for us anymore. For example, my wife wanted to go to Hawaii but she had already been to Antarctica this year on a cruise. I didn't go because I get seasick when the waves are 30 feet high like they get between Cape Horn and Antartica even in January. So, I said to her, "It's too hot for me at this age after the last year to go to Hawaii this late in April. I'm not young anymore and the humidity might just put me in the hospital this time. Many hotels in Hawaii don't have air conditioning including many of our favorites there, so going to Hawaii without air conditioning both wouldn't be pleasant and useful for me this late in the year. (Even though I lived in Hilo, Hawaii in Deadly heat in 1974 in August). So, I know just how hot and humid it can get there and what that can do to you.

However, I said, "Let's go to Las Vegas and see some shows like we did just before my burst appendix last year."

And this worked. So, inventing what helps and extends your life is important too in addition to inventing things for all mankind whether they be things you invent, ideas you invent or ways of thinking that are helpful or music or art or whatever you find you can create to help yourself and mankind survive and prosper through everything it is going to go through the rest of this century.

For example, people think that by "Not believing in God" they are going to stop things like ISIS."

Well, yes and no. Just remember both Communist Soviet Union was and Communist China still is basically Atheistic. If you study about the millions and millions of people killed by Stalin and Mao Tse Tung of their own people in both places through atheism, you might realize that atheism can be just as bad or worse than ISIS and religious fundamentalism whacking off heads.

So, just because you think that not believing in anything makes you safer this is not true historically.

Overpopulation creates horrific situations, not religious fundamentalism or Atheistic fundamentalism.

So, wherever you see too many people and not enough water or food being grown watch out! Because anywhere on earth you see this you likely are going to see a whole lot of people dying next at some point.

Terrorism caused by overpopulation is the scourge of the present century we live in. It is unlikely we will see anything like World War I or II this century because with nuclear weapons that would be the end of Earth and all life upon it. However, in places at random all over earth we are likely to see overpopulation caused nightmares wherever there is no birth control, not enough water or food being grown locally where the poor who are starving without jobs or the ability to marry because of economics rise up through criminal behaviors in trying to survive while having nothing and often we might see whole civilizations collapse like we are seeing in various parts of the middle east right now.

So, there are many ways you can invent things and ideas of how to go forward now. However, maybe the single most important thing you can be a part of might be birth control in 3rd world nations. Because either there is successful birth control or you can expect groups like ISIS whacking off heads the rest of this century. This is a given. The causes of no birth control have not been addressed in the middle East. Until they are the Middle East is going to be a real mess and just get worse.

Getting rid of ISIS is only getting rid of an effect and not a cause. The cause is overpopulation and no birth control. Until people face this the Middle East will be hell ongoing.

So, whatever you can invent to help solve these crises on earth this century the better lives everyone is going to have.

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