Friday, April 29, 2016

Many things I write don't stay published

I write to help make people's lives better not worse. So, being an intuitive often I know how people react to what I write. So, as long as it helps more people than not I sometimes leave what I write up online. However, other things aren't understood in the right context that I wrote it in and can tell intuitively in an moment. So, often I know immediately when I should delete something because it isn't being received in the way or ways I intended. It's sort of like raising a flag and seeing who salutes it. If no one salutes it (respects or enjoys it or benefits it) then I delete it usually withing 24 hours. Other things  might be good for some people but might really upset other people. Sometimes I might delete something like this if it isn't helpful enough to some or all people. This is another form of editing I do all the time at this site.

By God's Grace

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