Friday, April 29, 2016


I am more of a storyteller than I am a writer. I realized that today as I was rereading what I had written recently in "more regarding 'As Drones evolve' 1 an 2.

So, the way I think about this is a story is about like a chapter you write. So, if you are writing fiction this is why writers often organize in an outline what they write before they write it. I haven't attempted to do this because I am a storyteller in a long line of storytellers. What a storyteller is began before TVs or radios existed and my father and grandfather were masters of this and so were always very popular in family gatherings because this is how most people entertained themselves before everyone learned to read and write and then radio and TV came along. So, understanding I'm someone who can relay what I'm aware of is a good thing but I'm not someone who organizes what I write like a writer of books actually is which is a much more disciplined art than what I do.

For me, the free flowing way one can tell a story (if one is in the right mood) is a very different experience to read or listen to than reading a book written from an outline.

So, one way to think about what a book actually is, is to think of it as many stories joined together in some kind of format. And usually all the stories are about only a few different characters and sometimes only one or two.

So, the art of actually writing a book might be the artful way you string together many stories. And I must say I'm not really a master at that yet.

Partly because I don't make outlines before I write something because I like the spontaneous nature of writing when inspired. In fact, I never write unless I'm inspired to do it at all. I feel I owe you this divine nature of inspiration or else I prefer not to write. This way it is more likely to lift your spirits to a better place than they were before.

So, this way the stories of life I'm telling are "Spontaneous Accomplishment" in that they are divine happenings created for the purpose of your ongoing enlightenment.

"Spontaneous Accomplishment" would be like when a flower blooms and you witness this first hand. Or see a hummingbird land on a flower to drink it's nectar, like that.

By God's Grace

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