Thursday, April 21, 2016


You may think of others that have changed the earth since the late 1800s to early 1900s. but here are some of them that make our lives possible today with as good a health as we presently have. In 1900 in the U.S. most people only lived until 60 or less and this didn't change until around 1950 when people started living more to 65 or more:

Steam engines (for boats, ships and manufacturing)
gasoline engine and diesel engine (for transportation or land sea and air)
Motorized flight (in planes, blimbs and dirigibles and gliders)
medicines to prevent whooping cough, anti-biotics, and ways to purify water to prevent mass plagues.
the Home computer and the Internet (which revolutionized buying worldwide and made the world a much smaller place)

However, this also resulted in Globalization which made it basically impossible to protect the middle Class of developed nations from being outbid (at a lower price) for manufacturing literally anything worldwide.

However, next we might see 3d manufacturing of any part or combination of parts of plastic or metal soon at home, so then the competition will be between suppliers of plastic and metal and 3d printers and cement for 3d printers to automatically print your home (or anything) with an owned or rented 3d printer.

So, manufacturing of things needed in the home or parts for vehicles soon might be done at home especially for those living in the suburbs or more remotely because it likely might be less expensive than having to buy something already made and to have it shipped to you at that point.

So, even if you are completely off the grid with wind and solar you might be able to manufacture at home any tool or part you need without help because you might be totally self sufficient and only need the raw goods and supplies to make things there yourself. So you would need to either own a set of 3d printers to print plastic or metal parts for anything you wanted to fix or to build. Then you also would need a way to feed yourself by either growing your own food or having it shipped in. And also you would need a pure water source or one that you could filter sufficiently for drinking through reverse osmosis or something like that.

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