Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cell phone numbers

I'm not getting paranoid here. I'm just musing to myself.  (though every thing is true here I'm sort of looking into the actual future) I have wanted to write this article for several days now. There are a lot of Christian people both now and when I grew up that were always worried about "The mark of the beast". For many years people thought it was our Social Security numbers. But, not everyone on earth has a Social Security number. However, it is getting to the point that almost everyone who is educated and who has a job of any kind on earth now has a cellphone. And so, I was wondering if "The Mark of the Beast" is people's cell phone number.

When people talk about aliens they talked a lot about finding plastic or small metal things in the bodies of people "abducted by aliens". Next, American Soldiers and soldiers in Armies all over the planet have a little "grain of rice" size thing embedded in them behind the neck in case they die or are unconscious in battle so they can be identified by their compatriots. Also, the humane society does this with dogs and cats too, so you can always as a last resort identify your pets if they lose their collars somehow.

And now, a cellphone is a lot like all these things too. Not only that, almost everyone who has a job or has ever gone to school to read and write almost any language has one too. Let's add to that drones with hellfire missiles or the sniper killer Switchblade drone that self destructs to blow people up. With present day technology ANYONE could be targeted here on earth directly through the gps beacon in EVERY cell phone on earth. In fact, without a gps beacon a cell phone cannot work because it cannot find where you are to send your signals when you talk to someone. So, what is a cell phone? It is a potential targeting mechanism for someone with a GPS drone to kill you sometime in the future.

Because I understand how technology actually works this isn't science fiction at all. This is possible right now that anyone with a drone now could literally kill anyone else on earth right now anywhere as long as the weather was good enough. Scary huh?

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