Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to build a Bionic man: Documentary airs in U.S. later this year

As a part of a 3 month collaboration between scientists, researchers and a TV production company. This one is the real deal begin quote from Time magazine:
"---his prostheses are already available; his organs are scientific prototypes: and his blood , made from plastic, is a harbinger of breakthroughs to come."

"We are approaching a point where technology can fully replace the functionality of the human body." end quote from:
Health and Science section of the latest Time Magazine with the pope on the cover on page 12.

Sight restoring eyes
Full Service heart
Plastic Blood
Gripping hands
Cleansing kidney

for example: begin quote, "Plastic blood designed by the University of Sheffield. Unique blend of plastic molecules with into atom cores can bind oxygen to release in the body.  Potential: Still in it's very early experimental stages. It could one day be used by paramedics in emergencies(as a blood replacement). end quote from page 12 pope on cover Time magazine.

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