Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Creators

There are many levels to reality as a human. An easy way to describe this would be to say that humans experience Infancy, childhood, being a teenager, being a young adult, being and adult and being an older adult. And all these stages are levels of reality for each human being. None of them are absolutely different than the other but there are general differences between the stages that older adults try to prepare younger humans to be able to deal with and survive in a useful way.

The same is true of The Creators. I first experienced the Creators as a teenager and young adult. I didn't fully understand what I was dealing with and I have learned more as time goes on. When I first became initially proficient at soul traveling I went into the core of the Galaxy (because I could) looking for God. But, I did not find the human conception of God there. I found instead a civilization of Creators who live millions and sometimes billions of years. And even that isn't really useful to describe because it isn't completely true to say that they actually "Live" in time and space. There natural state is completely primal before any galaxies are created. So, they create galaxies to feed their children when they want to have a lot of them. So, a galaxy for them is sort of like "Their Farm". Since there natural state is not time nor space nor matter. It might be better to say their natural state can contain both matter and antimatter but doesn't naturally contain time. So, the dark primal matter that composes 96% of the actual universe is where they came from.

Some of us as humans contain sparks of the souls of the Creators. There are millions and millions of incarnations of Creators (and maybe even billions of incarnations of the souls of Creators presently on Planet Earth). Older Creators take incarnation in human and other bodies in order to experience mortality. Because mortality gives a soul an appreciation for how precious life is to a being millions and billions of years old. Creators don't usually ever die. But, they can get bored and sort of die from boredom. So, by taking new incarnations as humans and other beings in in this galaxy they renew themselves. If you have ever studied Zeus and the Greek Pantheon or Odin and Thor and that similar pantheon, this is similar to what actually exists in our Galaxy except that Creators do not actually have human bodies. I tend to see them as nebulas and Stars because otherwise what am I to think. But, at the same time a I also know that they are not matter beings. So, what does a human being actually do with that information? So, to us as matter beings living in time and space all our asumptions about them are liable to be wrong in one way or another. Because they don't naturally live on earth. They don't naturally live in a Galaxy (It's like their farm). They don't naturally even live in time and space because that is a matter realm and that isn't natural for them. So, what do we as humans do with this information? Often beings like humans see Creators as Gods and bow down to them. However, intelligent Creators don't see themselves this way.

I once saw a documentary about what were called the "Cargo Cults" that sprung up on some islands in the Pacific during World War II when one or more B-17s or B-25s crash landed there and the natives (who hadn't ever met technically civilized people before) worshipped them because they were like UFOS to these people. So, they worshipped them. And so at that time "The Cargo Cults" were born.

In this same way when Creators visit planets like Earth people have worshipped them in the past too like Gods. But, like I said they aren't really Gods like we tend to envision here on earth. They are just beings that live so long that 1,000,000 IQ is more normal than not. So, for a human with an average intelligence of beween 90 and 120, a humans reaction might be to worship such beings.

So, the way God is described in the Old Testament sounds a lot like the Creators I found in the center of our Galaxy when soul traveling there. So, it doesn't invalidate the old or new testament at all. It just gives it a new flavor of reality and takes it from maybe a "Cargo Cult" way of looking at it, to maybe a more pragmatic view of the whole thing. Hopefully, this was helpful to you.

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