Sunday, February 24, 2013

If you are an Intuitive

Being an Intuitive is never an easy thing. But, if you can survive it until you are into your 30s often you will live a very long and healthy life. It takes a great deal to define yourself and to deal with all the things you will have to deal with. Honoring your Intuitive side while not allowing people to psychologically harm you in regard to your abilities is always an issue.

I was really lucky because my mother and grandmother were intuitives too. In some ways both my father and his father were too. But they never talked about it. They just did it. Both of them were very into what I would call, "Extreme positive thinking" and were both very "never say die" kind of guys as well. I was the first to talk about being an intuitive partly because I grew up in Los Angeles in the 1950s and by the 1960s being an intuitive was kind of IN. So, this was kind of interesting too in regard to getting a lot of positive attention because I could often tell people stuff before it happened. But in my own religion when I told people stuff before it happened really upset some of them because it didn't follow the rules they were used to. Whereas people in general that became friends of mine were more accepting because they were young and experimental in their thinking like I was. Basically, I wanted to learn what the potentialities of a human being actually were. So, some of my experiments were kind of extreme because of this. But also, though I might be experimental I also was instinctual and knew exactly how far I could take things and still stay alive unlike many people I knew at the time. I had always been very co-ordinated and had always taken physical risks like riding motorcyles, jumping them 8 feet into the air, jumping off of 1 and 2 story buildings just with my body and surviving it (even though my podiatrist says I have micro fractures in both my feet healed up from having done that between 8 and 15 or 16. So, the most important thing I can tell you is to get your motivations straight. In other words you need to develop compassion for yourselves and all beings so you don't misuse your gifts. Because misusing your gifts can cause death or insanity beyond a certain point. So, it helps to have God in the equation because God can help you develop compassion for all beings which will help you positively direct your amazing abilities to benefit all beings including yourself.

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