Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Iraq turning into Iran Clone?

Since I have XM satellite in my truck I was listening to channel 115 which is a sound feed of CNN on my satellite hook up in my truck. Wolf Blitzer was talking about how sad it was about Iraq and how all the oil money is going into sectarian Shia causes and allowing Iranian weapons and Iranian soldiers to travel through Iraq to go help Assad in Syria. He was bemoaning the fact that after 4500 Americans died creating a new Iraq that Iraq has now almost completely aligned itself with Iran.

But, in order to be more pragmatic and realistic about this the majority of Iraqis are Shia Muslims and Iran is Shia Muslims. And, even though the Majority of Syria is Sunni Muslims the Assad Government is Alawite Shia Muslim. So, since the government of Iraq is primarily Shia run now, it makes sense why they would be scared and aligning with Iran and the Alawite government in Syria. However, in some ways since the U.S. supports the overthrow of Assad and majority rule in Syria, this puts Iraq in the category of an enemy of the U.S.

So, here is the present alignment: Turkey, U.S., Europe, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other primarily Sunni Muslim Countries support the Syria Free Army that are fighting Assad. Iran, Iraq, and Hezbollah and Russia support Assad and Russia and Iran have a weapons and soldier pipeline running into Syria. Russia's soldier and weapons pipeline is by air and by sea and Iran's soldier and weapons pipeline is by air and through Iraq and possibly by sea. So, Iraq now is a de facto enemy in the present conflict of both Europe and the U.S. However, because they are majority Shia Muslim country it should be expected that this is what they would do given the dire circumstances of Shias in the middle East at this point. This is why Iran wants nuclear weapons because they want to scare all their Sunni Muslim neighbors hopefully into submission. This is Iran's hope. However, I don't think it will work that way because all the biggest nations on earth need Iran not to have nuclear weapons in the middle of the world's center of oil (Saudi Arabia).

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