Wednesday, February 27, 2013

more regarding the Uncertain Future of Hezbollah

Uncertain Future for Hezbollah

I found the approximately 30 minute dialog at NPR (there's a word button to there at the above blog "Uncertain Future for Hezbollah" above.

What I got out of the 30 minutes is that Hezbollah presently has about 50,000 missiles and plans to attack Israel at some point. The Hezbollah Army is bigger than the Lebanese Army and so there is no contest between the two. The Government is helpless before Hezbollah. Israel has said that if the Government of Lebanon allows Hezbollah to attack Israel that Israel will blow Lebanon off the map which likely will happen if Hezbollah attacks Israel with those 50,000 missiles which likely would be over within one week.

The newsman being interviewed spent time in Lebanon and went to a Hezbollah funeral for 2 19 year old Hezbollah soldiers. Later he interviewed people that said they had died fighting for Assad in Syria. So, if Assad falls Al Qaeda will come after Hezbollah in Lebanon next as they are serious enemies. Hezbollah is Shia Muslim and Al Qaeda is Sunni Muslim.

About 25% of the Free Syrian Army now fighting Assad in Syria is Al Qaeda or  with an Al Qaeda Affiliate group. The fiercest fighters against Assad are usually of these groups because if they die in battle they believe they go straight to heaven as a result. So, for Al Qaeda groups, dying being a fighter is a good thing.

Hezbollah is basically an Iranian funded Army in Lebanon and Syria bigger than the Lebanese Army and works at the direction of the Iranian government and is directly funded by the Iranian government. Iran intends to invade Israel through Hezbollah and if that happens Lebanon will be no more. It is also possible because of Israel's nuclear weapons that at that point Iran will cease to exist as well and likely only be a nuclear radiated crater at that point. However, because of all this Israel might not exist either. So, this is something for the whole world to be very concerned about.

As an intuitive this isn't just conjecture. What I'm saying here could happen in the next 3 years.

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