Monday, February 25, 2013

The Profound Realization of Compassion

I was amazed to learn that the Dalai Lama also had an amazing realization of compassion at age 32 like I did. Though I cannot really compare myself to a Great Soul like the Dalai Lama realizing Compassion was the key to everything really changed my life a lot. I can now look back and see all the success of my life on every level was keyed directly into this important realization at that point.

Up until then my basis had been Worshipping Truth. And this also is a very high calling of rejecting everything if it is obviously not truth. But, here is the problem with Worshipping truth: truth is a sword and it cuts both ways. So, what I found is that truth kills as often as it saves. So, in using truth you don't know whether you are accidentally going to kill people with it or whether the truth will save them or both. So, I found this extremely frustrating that in trying to help people with truth often harmed them more than helped them. So, I was always trying to find an answer to this crazy situation regarding truth.

But, my answer was in front of me all the time. Compassion only helped beings including me. It was one thing that always helped everyone's life get better no matter what the situation was.

If my motivation was to save someone from suffering I still accessed truth, but I accessed the truth in a completely pragmatic way based upon thinking like this: "How can I help this person in the most compassionate efficient way possible?" Then sometimes it was just to smile at the person and to pray for them. Often this was and is all I could do. Other times it is someone serving me in a restaurant and if I have enough money with me that day I might try to be nice to them and talk to them and maybe give them a 20% tip. This is how I might be able to help them. As I pass by someone in their car as an intuitive I might be able to perceive they are having problems and I pray for them. Or they might be drunk or on drugs and I help them by not driving near enough to them so they accidentally hit me with their car or truck. So, the question "How can I help this person in the most compassionate efficient way possible?" is a question I ask myself about every being I see (human, animal, insect, tree, porpoise, whale, or E.T.) This point of view I have found to be the most profound and helpful in all ways that I have yet found in the universe.

(It also saved my life soul traveling the universe more than once).

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