Saturday, February 23, 2013

Syria and Somalia?

I mentioned recently how I see Syria becoming like Somalia in the 1990s. This isn't something that anyone is happy about at all. It is about the realpolitik of the world right now. You wouldn't wish this upon your worst enemy on earth. And yet, it is happening to Syria. Basically, Syria is being completely bombed out of existence on a daily basis. Soon, there will be nothing left of Syria's infrastructure at all. Already most Syria cities look like cities in Europe and Japan looked like during World War II. In other words they are only bombed out shambles now. And who is responsible for this? An easy answer is: Assad. But, unfortunately it is much more complicated than this.

I think it more useful to say that Russia and Iran are the most responsible for Syria turning into Somalia in the 1990s when there was no government for a long long time there at all. It is one reason that the Somalia pirates came into being as a survival mechanism for people without a government.

Both Iranian and Russian Soldiers are openly fighting against the rebels in Syria. All Sunni Muslim nations and secretly Europe and the United States are funding the Rebels. I think the only real question is: How long can Assad and his family stay alive? And what happens when he dies likely in a bombing as they come closer and closer to where he is staying. I would say it is only a matter of time before Assad is blown up at this point.

So, when Assad is blown up you will truly have a country without ANY government other than the Rebel factions who already control 95% to 99% of the actual physical ground of Syria on any given day. Then you can truly say that Syria is like Somalia in the 1990s and only Al Qaeda will be happy then because then all cities will be bombed out and there will only be factions and no government at all for a variety of reasons. And what will Iran and Russia do then? This is what is coming given all variables on the ground if Assad and his family don't leave soon.

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