Saturday, February 23, 2013

Skyview Drive in Theater- Santa Cruz

For years we took my youngest kids (the youngest is now 17 and next is 23) to Skyview Theater during the summer because you could actually take your kids to a movie in a car, truck or van there. And even if your kids acted out, you didn't have to leave the theater. All you had to do was to close your windows. No more. My son was telling me that the Big Screen living room TVs streaming videos from online sources and DVDs because of increased HD quality is finally starting to kill any drive in theaters left alive here in the U.S. So, one by one now (even though swap meets on Saturdays and Sundays have financially kept them going until now) HD widescreen Flatscreens combined with HD quality DVD's and Netflix and others have finally ended Drive in theaters for good here in the U.S.

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