Thursday, February 21, 2013

The World and Syria

Many Syrians seem to think that the world has forgotten about them. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, those that want to help are frozen by the fact that helping might cause another World War. And if that is the case then Syrians are sort of on their own. Because it doesn't help anyone really if the whole world goes up in flames again sort of like World War II. But it wouldn't be like that because of nuclear weapons. So, the likelihood is another Cold War, with the Syrian Revolution being a hot war in the middle of the beginning of what I might call the 2nd Cold War. So, I think it is important for Syrians to know that the world is horrified by what is happening in Syria but also feels powerless to stop it without starting another World War (at least at this point).

So, right now, the Syrians are losing, the Russians are losing, the Iranians are losing. Hezbollah are losing, Europe is losing, the U.S. is losing. And likely the only two groups that are winning are Israel and Al Qaeda in the long run who will actually benefit the most from the chaos in Syria. The world has not forgotten you, Syria. The world is just scared and horrified from the whole thing at this point.

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