Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Incarnation and Soul Travel

The mechanics or physics of souls incarnating in bodies works something like this (to the best of my present knowledge and experience).

First, let's imagine a being is an angel before incarnating as anything human or otherwise. And this angel soul decides to advance on it's path to become a more responsible and free will angel. So, this angel decides to incarnate as a human being to learn certain lessons in responsibility. This might be a one time thing and the angel soul learns what he or she wants to learn and is back to being an angel soul on a higher level of evolution of Angels.

Then there might be other souls who incarnate as humans or other types of beings that either like incarnating as humans because of the freedom this gives them to make choices and to have free will and not just to be obedient all the time to whatever hierarchy they are a part of. Sometimes, angels just get bored and want to do something different with their lives so they ask permission to be born as humans or other types of beings.

What humans call soul travel is actually a normal part of the work of angels. Through "Soul Travel" an angel or evolved human can or is allowed to travel anywhere in time and space or outside of time and space. But, it must be known that if one who is human does this it can be fatal to the body of the human if that human is not in the proper motivation at the time of the soul traveling. So, it is important to be on a good mission to benefit all beings to be worthy of this soul traveling expedition. This is how a human soul traveling is allowed to soul travel to ANY time or space. This is my personal experience since my late teens and early 20s and I am now almost 65.

Souls who like freedom often like incarnating as humans more than once. They might get sort of bored with any one heaven realm and prefer the pains of being a human to the boredom of their single heaven realm. So, as a soul lives on and on throughout millions of billions of real time experiences throughout eternity many different things happen to that soul by choice or by chance both good and bad and indifferent and boring. For example, I can remember millions of years into the past and future as a soul incarnating on earth and other planets and dimensions for example. Is it good that I remember? I think a better way of putting it is that I find it very useful sort of in the way it is useful to know what countries, cities, deserts and forests and oceans are on earth and where they are if you plan to travel earth ever. It is useful to know the history of your soul and any other souls you encounter living or dead because it might be safer for you to know some things rather than to be completely a babe in the woods so to speak and constantly vulnerable in one way or another. So, knowing who you are and who you were as well as the same for all others you encounter makes it more likely that you might survive almost anything when others who don't know might not. But, in the end it is all a choice.

How does one learn these things?

Paradoxically, one learns most of these things by dying. So, what I'm talking about usually is known only by souls who have incarnated many times. What you learned in one lifetime is carried over into the next. So, if you have a bad experience you are unlikely to repeat it in your next life if you choose to reincarnate if you ask to remember what you just learned. So, if you become an artist in one life often if you choose to reincarnate you will become an artist if you want in the next. The same is true with any talent like writing, music, art, craftmanship, singing: whatever it is.

Soul traveling is one of the things one can learn to do especially in many spiritual or religious traditions for thousands of years into the past and future here on earth.

And the funny thing is everyone soul travels all the time. It's just that most people aren't aware of it.
Have you ever heard of the saying, "Thinking is the best way to travel?"

When you think about another place or person who isn't with you you are soul traveling right then. Because the thought of that place or person connects you to that place or person to a greater or lesser degree. Soul travel is just being aware of what you are doing whenever you think and understanding the actual physics of how the universe actually works and not just being ignorant of what is happening to you and through you all the time.

When I first started to soul travel I still believed then that there was really a point A "here" and a point B "There" that I wanted to go to. It took me about 10 years to fully realize that there really is no actual point A or point B. In actuality Time and Space don't really exist at all. There in the end are only states of consciousness without time and space.

I realized that there is "ONLY the MIND of God" which we all live in. And since it is only a mind getting from point A to Point B is about thinking and feeling where you want to be more than anything else. Oh, I still pretend that there is time and space even though I know the truth because otherwise it will make you nauseous to experience this truth all the time while living in a human body because there really is no up, down or sideways, there is only the Consciousness of God which the universe actually is.

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