Thursday, February 28, 2013

Opponents of Gun law gather in Albany

I don't think the correct balance in regard to gun laws has been found yet. Part of the reason is that there are different needs in different areas of our country. In the city (outside of personal protection from rape and murder) and for law enforcement there might be no real reason to own a gun. But, if you move to the suburbs and to the country this changes completely in regard to protecting oneself and family from animals and hunting etc. So, someone who has always lived in a big city might see no reason at all for ever owning a gun, the same person if raised in the country likely might have a completely different point of view. Country and city are completely different environments with completely different needs and then if you add to this the "Right to defend your nation" from all enemies internal and external, this then becomes and important point too. So, I believe it is important for people who have always lived in a big city to realize there are many other important points of view to be considered regarding guns in America too. Because if we lose our right to bear arms we also inevitably also lose all our rights and our democracy as well. It is inevitable unfortunately. Without guns the U.S. would not and could not exist. Without the right to bear arms the U.S. democracy will be no more as a natural consequence. Balancing the end of the U.S. democracy with protecting citizens during these irritating awful times we now live in worldwide  I believe will decide in the end whether our democracy lives on or succombs to multiple pressures and is no more.

Opponents of NY gun law gathering in Albany

Seattle Post Intelligencer - ‎1 hour ago‎
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Thousands of opponents of New York's new gun control law are gathering at the statehouse to lobby lawmakers and rally against measures they say infringe on their constitutional right to bear arms.
Gun rights advocates swamp Capitol
Thousands fill Capitol to protest gun-control law
NY gun law mandates magazines that don't exist - by Jessica Alaimo
I couldn't quote the article fully here so if you want to read this article please click on "Opponents of NY Gun law------" above. 

There has been only one time in my life that I felt I actually needed a gun to defend myself and all the people around me. This happened when I was in my late teens not more than 20 years old. I was walking barefoot on a friend's desert property and walked up to a green mohave sidewinder rattler. Since there were several people around at the time I knew this was a very serious situation because a green mohave sidewinder rattlesnake is 9 times more poisonous than a Diamondback rattler. So, getting bit usually means death for any human. So, I yelled at everyone to get back away from the steps into the house and they listened to me and I went and got a .22 pistol and shot the snake. I did not want to be in striking range of the snake so I stayed back at least 10 feet while I shot it. A green Mohave Sidewinder rattler isn't very big just almost always fatal because most of the time you don't get the right anti-venom at the hospital because it is so much different than the Diamond Back rattler which is much bigger and more common a rattlesnake throughout the U.S.

Some people might have put on boots and chaps and killed it with a shovel but at the time shooting it was the best and safest way to deal with the situation because of all the people there at that time.

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