Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Charlie Rose Show on Chinese Cyber hacking

I was listening to a Charlie Rose Show about how the people found out about what building and what part of the Chinese military was hitting us. It was because one of the guys had a cell phone business on the side and used handles he had used since college and was one of the main teachers of Government hackers in China. When this gentleman was asked whether the Chinese or the U.S. were better at hacking he said that the U.S. was much better at pure Intelligence hacking because the U.S. usually didn't hack companies because that was against the law here. However, the Chinese have a lot to gain from hacking U.S. Businesses so there isn't much stopping them from continuing. Whereas the U.S. usually reserves it's hacking for military intelligence matters. About 75% of the stuff in a White House New Conference is obtained through U.S. military government hacking worldwide to retrieve what they do. However, they don't hack businesses. But China does. So, how does the U.S. stop or reduce this problem? Unless the U.S. finds a way to make it unprofitable for the government of China to do this it will continue. It's all about money. The Chinese do this now primarily to keep the common people from overthrowing the government. There are about 50,000 uprisings around China ever year and they are often violent confrontations. So, it is a balance of the Chinese trying to steal enough information to be able to market stuff. So, the U.S. has to make it financially unprofitable to the Chinese to steal all this information in order to lessen the problem. I don't think there is a way to completely stop it only to lessen it.

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