Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Too many people with oil too expensive

If someone were to ask me personally what is happening on earth, the title says it all.

First, if we look back to the late 1800s and early 1900s vehicles (first ships, trains, cars, trucks then planes) started to be built running on gasoline. Now here is the problem: everyone acted like there was an infinite amount of oil.

But this was always not true.

So, this is what we are facing now, to convert to other forms of energy before we go extinct as humans. Yes. There are people who will laugh at this point of view. But, anyone who has actually taken the time to study the problem isn't laughing because this is seriously what we are dealing with.

So, let me define our problem more succinctly. Fuel is too expensive to get enough food to enough people to keep everyone alive. The end result is likely a massive slow die off of most of mankind because it simply is not presently possible to feed this many people ongoing. It isn't presently possible. So, unless someone invents workable fusion power that can be mass manufactured to run literally every new vehicle on earth (or some miracle invention like this) it isn't going to happen.

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