Saturday, June 3, 2017

Much of human mental and physical illness comes directly or indirectly from Conditioned guilt and shame

Look at animals in the wild. They either basically live or die. So, conditioning (other than to avoid natural enemies by their parents and where to find food) is very slight. They live or they die.

Then as humans because we are intelligent in a different way than animals are we learn to condition our young to fit into and to conform to families, tribes, cities, nations, and our world.

Sometimes this conditioning is useful to the long term survival of individuals within those systems and sometimes it is not. What is the object of all this conditioning?

Conformity within family or culture or both.

However, what is conformity?

It is a type of slavery where if you do this one certain thing you get food and then you won't die of starvation and if you keep doing a behavior then that system might not kill you or maim you further than making you conform.

All religions and cultures are based upon conformity of thought, emotions, and actions within a certain parameter that varies somewhat around the world.

However, all humans at core are animals which is something people don't want to think about.

As animals we are naturally one way and then conditioned to be another way which is no longer natural (with nature). When you condition any animal it changes and becomes something different than it was before (or could be).

So, is conditioning good or bad?

It is always both good and bad. (ALMOST ALWAYS).

Understanding that conditioning is almost always both good and bad at the same time we get to the point where as adults we can look at all this conditioning we have all been through in a completely different way.

Did our parents and teachers and ministers try to harm us?

Usually not, they were only trying to make us so we could function within any system we were growing up in.

But, did this conditioning harm us?

Yes. Almost always.

Did this conditioning help us?

Yes. Almost always.

How could human conditioning be both good and bad?

Let's take the conditioning of a soldier for war.

This child (now male or female) has been trained for life not to kill other human beings.

But now, this conditioning has to be broken within some contexts where this man or woman is trained to kill (in some circumstances). So, the harmless conditioning of most healthy people has been subverted by new conditioning in order to kill or maim within certain specific circumstances.

So, now you have created a "conditioning paradox". You have split this person into two people.

By splitting this person into "Two people" you create a likely illness when this person is forced to kill a person after having the opposite conditioning since birth. So, this person is going to feel guilty from the original conditioning at some point after this person is forced to kill in a wartime context.

This split personality is the main cause of PTSD.

However, understanding that we start as animals not as conditioned humans as babies starts an adult human being to better understand all the bases of conditioned behavior in all human beings in regard to religions, cultures and all situations in one's life.

So, as you begin to understand conditioning conditioning also causes mental and physical illness in many or most people we are at the start of being capable of being healed in all ways.

By God's Grace

One Day Later:

As I thought more about this there are consequences for every conditioning. Would there be as many human beings on earth if there weren't thousands of kinds of conditioning some unique to individuals  and individual families? Probably not.

However, is it really useful to have 7 or 8 billion people on earth and can they all live here without completely destroying earth? No. Not really. At least under present educational systems and in present technological and cultural awareness.

So, all education is conditioning whether that be someone conditioning you or you conditioning yourself.

Of the two, if you know what you are doing, conditioning yourself for being an optimum human being I presently believe is the better outcome.

Because at least you can see what your present conditioning has done to you and you can take responsibility for conditioning yourself into the human being you actually want to be rather than the being your present conditioning has made you.

By God's Grace

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