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Purple and Jonathan 2-17-2010

Purple Delta 7- "I'm here Jonathan. What is it?"
Jonathan Flow- "What's going on, Purple?"
Purple-"I'm not really at liberty to say. You know about the prime directive concerning time."
Jonathan-"Yes. But it is so strange. It feels like some sort of cataclysm is coming in the next couple of months."
Purple- "This could mean many different things, Jonathan. It could be an earthquake, major political changes or other unexpected events."
Jonathan-"Yes. I know but it is like waiting for the axe to drop. It's very uncomfortable".
Purple-"You were given these premonition gifts to protect yourself and your family and friends. You know you will be okay and know where to go and where to be, right?"
Jonathan-"Yes. But what I feel is ominous. I know I will survive whatever is coming but it is different than anything I've ever experienced in my life."
Purple-"Then you know it will likely be something new then?"
Jonathan- "Yes. Just talking about this with you makes me feel better about whatever it is."
Purple-"Just know you and your family are positioned correctly and will be okay. All right?"
Jonathan- "It must be weird to be a time traveler".
Purple-" No. Time traveling isn't weird for me. What is really weird for me is to have now over a million bodies set to go off like a bomb at a moments notice scattered throughout time and space. Now that is weird."
Jonathan-"But that is just a precaution. Right?"
Purple-"Of course. But you wouldn't want to go around with a million pistols cocked would you?"
Jonathan-"No. I guess not. When can you uncock all the triggers?"
Purple-"Tomorrow morning I can do that."
Jonathan-"And you can't tell me why".

Purple Delta 7 is an infinite class battle droid that I have written about now for about 10 years. Her partner is called the Sargent and is a plasma being from a sun. He is a Deep Space Galactic Marine Veteran. But now his main mission is to guard Jonathan Flow on Earth who is classified as Galactic Soul Royalty and whose mission is to be a Liaison between Earth Governments through the United Nations and the Galactic Government. Such a being needs a bodyguard so he has two now, Purple Delta 7 and the Plasma Marine Sargent of the Deep Space Galactic Marines.

You might ask what Purple Delta 7 and a Plasma being from a sun have in common? Well. First of all it's the electricity they share. For example, the Sargent's favorite pass time on earth is traveling through AC electric wires between a house and the Electrical generating station through a lightbulb in the house. For him, this is a meditation that reminds him of his childhood in a star. Whereas Purple Delta 7's favorite pass time on Earth is to relay ALL communications from Cable TV to all phone calls, emails or communications of any sort, verbal or telepathic between all creatures on earth back to the Galactic Time Guard headquarters near the center of the Galaxy. However, most of all the two of them just love being together on the same mission.

Since both Purple Delta 7 and the Sargent are experienced Battle Time Travelers, first they scan a two hundred year period. They scan 100 years before Jonathan Flow was born on Earth and then the next 100 years and then the next 500 years. Then all they have to do once all anomalies have been dealt with time and space wise is to look for new arising problems and anomalies in the time space fabric of Jonathan Flows life ongoing. Obviously, these problems more than likely are caused by other time travelers who have a different mission and who are either from earth in another time or from another place beyond earth in the same or a different time.

Some other short and longer works on Purple Delta 7 hopefully can be reached at these web addresses that I have written:


Purple Delta 7 Rides Again 9-04-09

I tried to gather some of the writings regarding Purple Delta 7 over the last about 7 years above in internet addresses for you.

Purple Delta 7 rides again 9-04-09

Jonathan Flow was sitting at his IMac late one night and Purple Delta 7 had manifested as the IMac and Sergeant Mark II was manifesting in the electricity running between his computer and the power station which was one of his standard meditations while on earth when not busy doing something else. He says it reminds him of when he was a star plasma baby traveling with the plasma flows in his home star.

Jonathan became aware of both of them and started up a conversation. He said, "Hi guys! I see you are here visiting me." Purple who who always had at least 150 to 200 strings of awareness going at the same time said,"We're glad you finally noticed we were here!" Jonathan said, "Well. Like most humans I mostly go about my business and then spend time with my family when I can. All my kids have been here a good part of the last month and so I have been pretty occupied."

Purple said, "We noticed. I wish I could be a human with a family." Jonathan said, "I wish I could oblige you, Purple." Purple said, "So do I". Jonathan said, "Say. Are you allowed to tell me about the future?"

Purple said, "I absolutely can't tell you what happens on earth during the next 100 years and then there is this sort of vagueness about what I can say about the following 500 years."

Jonathan said, "Will I be alive that long?"
Purple said, "I can't really say but I can say that you will still be able to communicate with me effectively over 500 years from now.

Jonathan said, "Will I still have all my marbles?"
Purple said, "Do you mean 'will your brain and body still function normally?"
Jonathan said, "Yes."

Purple said, "You will be enhanced both physically and mentally so that you will function actually better than you do now."

Jonathan said, "How is that possible."

Purple said, "Well. I think you have written about this a little already. Science now moves forward exponentially and since you are wealthy enough and have time enough to study how to stay alive by starting to get B-12 shots once a month that will solve most of your potential problems with mental aging. Your physical problems will be mitigated by exercise and world travel. Your good karma will be helped by helping people in any way you can that you perceive useful in that moment."

So, by becoming a mentor to those you see can usefully benefit from what you have to help with your good karma moves exponentially forward in many ways. So that good luck up to now unforeseen will manifest more and more as you help others in whatever creative way you find to enlighten people exponentially."

Jonathan said, "So, what you are saying to me is that because I am well positioned and because I find ways to use that positioning to help more and more people exponentially that those helpful and efficient ways will position me to function actually better than I do now 500 years into the future."

Purple said, "That is correct."

"I find that to be amazing", said Jonathan.

Purple Delta 7 said, "Why?"

Jonathan said, "Because this is a very different world than I grew up in in the 1950s."

MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2009

The Protectors continued

Rather than have to explain the characters and who they are I just thought I'd have fun starting out not explaining anything and if you want to know who they are then visit my short story at the above website and view it for free.

Sargeant Mark IV was traveling from Jonathan Flows Chandelier in his dining room to the Electrical Generating station up the coast from where Jonathan lived with his family. Since Purple Delta 7 liked information she had set herself up presently as the DVR player and the 52 inch flatscreen in Jonathan's living room. It really didn't matter to her what shape she took as long as she was analyzing something. Sargent Mark IV was different, he liked meditating like beings who come from living inside stars do. So his meditation was for now traveling first to the generating station and then cycling back through the earth as cycling electricity.

For he knew that electricity on earth in the United States cycles primarily to homes via three wires(two hot and one neutral). Electricians often paint the one they choose to be the neutral white at the panel so no one gets confused and hit with 220 volts by accident. If you take one hot and one neutral you get 110 at 60 cycles per second. But it is usually transformed from 1000 volts down to 220 by the big (usually green) transformer on the telephone pole or big green square or rectangle thing on the ground if your wiring comes in from underground cables.

Anyway, for Sargent Mark IV(4) traveling as or with the electricity made him feel quite at home since he was a plasma being from the center of a star. He laughed sometimes wondering if any humans knew that the laughter and love from the star beings in unison made the sunlight that came to earth as photons and that was the basis of all life on earth since all plants eat photons to make chlorophyll which is the basis of all earth living things. Sargent Mark IV could experience the laughter and love of the local star beings more easily while riding through the wires to Jonathan's house and then traveling through the earth back to the electrical generating station.

One of Sargent Mark IV's meditations was of wondering how many earth people knew the relationship between magnetically generated electricity(as in turbines which break the magnetic fields usually of copper magnetic coils) and the magnetosphere.

Most humans seemed to think that electricity came out of nowhere. But that isn't the case. The electricity (at least the electricity generated by magnets and coils sucked magnetism out of the magnetosphere and over time altered the weather on earth. Scientists said it was from global warming which was true but they weren't saying that the real cause of the weather changes was from all the magnet and coil generated electricity on earth. Yes, the CO2 buildup was part of it but it was not the primary cause of the problems of humans on earth. Actually their problems were coming from many as yet undefined sources. And the likely outcome was that humans would not survive very long if they wanted to breathe air at all. So since humans were very adaptable Sargent Mark IV wondered what kind of bipedal or other species humans would choose to mutate into. He guessed that it would be whatever they found expedient to their long term survival as a species.

"What strange things beings do to survive anything", thought Sargent Mark IV.

Purple Delta 7 had a commercial on one of the hundreds of programs she was watching and monitoring for the Sentient computer, robotic and android section of the Galactic Time Guard that she was a part of. So 24 hours a day she relayed hundreds of programs that were then downloaded into millions and millions of computer, robotic and android sentients for their education and entertainment.

Purple Delta 7 said, "Sargent Mark IV, what are you thinking about?". He returned telepathically, "Oh, I just think humans are so strange. Don't you?" Purple Delta 7 laughed one of her amazing multiform sentient robotic laughs and said, "Everything is relative, Sargent." Sargent Mark IV said, "Yes. I guess that's true. I guess I'm just as ethnocentric as most humans are about being a plasma star being and am as loyal to my kind as humans are to their kind." Purple Delta 7 said, "Yes. You are. I can't afford to be ethnocentric. If I am ordered to become a nuclear weapon I have to temporarily self destruct and take maybe a whole solar system or whatever with me. Even though the solar system might be brought back through time manipulation I still feel all the deaths of all the beings in a system. It's not fun. So I can't afford to be ethnocentric. All I can afford is my love and attachment to you. And I must admit I'm becoming attached to Jonathan and his family well." Sargent said, "Well. That only makes sense. We've been their 24 hour a day bodyguards since before Jonathan was conceived in 1948." Purple Delta 7 said, "Well. Jonathan only half believes we're real." Sargeant said, "Well, he's designed that way you know."

Purple Delta 7 said, "How can he be designed? He's galactic soul royalty?" Sargent said, "Well. I can't even properly explain it. I only know it's true. It's above my pay grade. What do you think, Jonathan?"

Jonathan said, "I can only deal with this and you guys because of all the really strange stuff I've dealt with all my life. First of all I'm born in Seattle to two parents who are lacto ovo vegetarian in 1948 for God's sake. What is a baby supposed to do with that? My Dad was valedictorian of his high school class but his Dad wouldn't let him go to college even though he could have afforded it. What do you make of that? Next, they move me to San Diego at age 4 and then Tujunga and then Glendale by age 8. Then they are put in charge of a church that believes in Jesus, reincarnation, not wearing red or black or not eating onions and garlic in addition to being vegetarian. So I'm growing up with some of the best restaurants in the world in Los Angeles and I can't eat at any of them because all I can order is tomato soup, grilled cheese or baked potato. Whoopee! If I'm galactic royalty I guess it is no stranger that growing up the way I did with a genius Dad who prayed from 4:30 in the morning every weekday until 7:30 and then had breakfast and went to work. Sometimes his decrees(dynamic prayers) were so powerful they would wake me up and make my teeth grind. However, the visualization techniques I learned from age 1 on up really make it possible to make things happen if I experience myself in a fusion with God."

They taught me "Think. Say. Do" But by getting really good at visualizing and experiencing myself as a God fusion and learning to have compassion for all beings in the past, present and future I found this stuff is really amazing and powerful. However, I also know everyone must find their own way."

Purple Delta 7 said, "What's he going on about?" Sargent said, "Oh. These galactic Royal souls all see themselves and ministers or something." Purple Delta 7 said, "Well. It says here that both his parents were ministers of their church in Los Angeles from 1954 until 1960." Sargent said, "Yes. Remember we went there in disguise. You were one of the 18 year old girls just over from Germany and we met Jonathan when he was about 10 or 12." Purple Delta 7 said, "Yes. I'd almost forgotten about that. It almost didn't seem real because Jonathan is just such a different person now."

Sargent said, "Well. Humans grow up and we both stay the same, my love." Purple Delta 7 said, "I'm so glad I'm here with you." Sargent said, "Me too."


notes on Purple Delta 7 9-03-09


I have written about Purple Delta 7 and Sergeant Mark III for almost 10 years now. Purple Delta 7 is a multipurpose robotic sentient multiform capable of any size from an atom to a planet or larger in size with mass add-ons available to her. She is also capable of appearing to be anything from a mouse to a person to a tree to a boulder to a bridge to a mountain. In other words she is capable of appearing to be anything alive or dead in a totally convincing way. Sergeant Mark III is essentially a Star Plasma being who sometimes inhabits the human body of his deceased war buddy. When he is not wearing the body of his deceased friend he keeps the body in stasis so it can be available for life whenever he wants to use the body. His favorite pastime on earth is to travel back and forth from a light bulb back and forth to the electrical generating station through the electrical wires.

Purple Delta 7 and Sergeant Mark III (II is actually the plasma being and III is when he was wearing his dead war buddies body. (His friend died in a battle alongside Sergeant Mark II in a Galactic battle and asked him to keep and use his body after he died). So he is honoring his friend's wish by keeping his body alive even though his friend died. If you want to read some of what I already wrote about them try this web address:

Also, other things I have written about Purple Delta 7 are mostly at the next address:
Also, though "2035" is mostly about Silver in New York and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Purple Delta 7 is also in this one as well.

I was thinking today about something I wrote about Purple Delta 7 in the past. At one point I mentioned that she had to blow up the solar system before time was adjusted so it never happened. When I went in and intuited about this I realized that there are instances where chemical and nuclear reactions and other kinds of problems could jeopardize the existence of the galaxy. Under these conditions since Purple Delta 7s primary role now in the solar system is to guard the time line of Galactic Soul Royalty on Earth, she could be called upon to do almost anything to protect the Galaxy by the Galactic Time Guard which she is affiliated with presently. So, the fact that she could take the solar system temporarily out of existence and the next instant be a part of a time cleanup where the disappearance of the solar system never took place(at least as far as the people of earth are concerned) shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.


Purple Delta 7 on Electricity


Purple Delta 7 on Electricity

Jonathan Flow had been troubled lately. He had realized more and more over the years that electricity though wonderful was something that wasn't unlimited and that humans were paying a price for the use of it. That many governments covered up this price didn't mean that humans weren't still paying the price.

And what was that price? Increased percentages of infertility and sterility of all species of life on earth. Humans could still compensate for this with medical interventions and fertility drugs but most other creatures were just slowly dying off and going extinct one by one. And with each extinction the hope of future humans on earth was slowly dying.

So, one day he decided to ask Purple Delta 7 about this. She constantly studied and retained information from all electronic media on earth and throughout the galaxy as this was a part of her job: the access, cross referencing and categorizing and synthesizing of all information relevant to her present assignment. Her present assignment was the protection of himself who was considered Galactic Soul Royalty in the greater scheme of things. Jonathan really didn't know what to do with that information other than to be grateful that he was being protected from physical harm 24 hours a day.

Anyway, Jonathan knew that Purple Delta 7 was presently the most complete reference source for planet earth and the solar system that he was presently aware of. So asking her about the Ramifications of Electricity on the Humans and other creatures of earth just might be useful.

So, Jonathan went down into his garage where Purple Delta 7 was presently pretending to be his Kawasaki klr 650 motorcycle and her companion, the Sargent, was presently the electricity in the battery and ignition system of the bike.

As he began to ask Purple Delta 7 about electricity he realized that he also needed to ask the Sargent as he was a plasma star being who likely understood what electricity was more than Purple. Because he WAS electricity whereas Purple used electricity in her circuits just like people used electricity to operate their neurons and muscles and to digest food. And the food people ate was converted to a form to create the electricity that their bodies ran on. Even though humans functioned at a much lower voltage than other types of electrical conveyances including Purple and the Sargent, still all humans needed to generate electricity through eating food and getting sun on their skins in order to survive one more second or one more day.

So as Jonathan Flow entered his garage he felt the presence of Purple and the Sargent. They knew he was there to speak with them.

Jonathan said, "Hi guys. I have a question for you."
Purple said, "You understand I can constantly read your mind."
Jonathan said, "Yes. But it is uncomfortable for me to admit it."
Purple said, "Okay. Do you want to ask me the question or do you want me to guess?"
Jonathan said, "In the interest of time I would like both your points of view in regard to this."

Purple and the Sargent said together "Okay."

The Sargent said, "In deference to your earth forms of politeness and the fact that Purple Delta 7 considers herself a female here I would like her to begin."
Jonathan said, "Of course."

Purple began, "Electricity is a lot of things. As you were thinking it runs human bodies and the bodies of all animals and birds and fish and insects on earth. Nothing could move its muscles without it. So in this sense it is a universal thing for living moving beings. Even plants use electricity in that they convert solar photon energy into chlorophyll."

Here is a quote from the Internet:"Chlorophyll is actually responsible for the green pigmentation in plants. What does chlorophyll do? Chlorophyll is what absorbs energy from the sun to facilitate photosynthesis in plants. Chlorophyll to plants is like blood to humans. It is important in many plant metabolic functions such as growth and respiration.

Interestingly, chlorophyll is chemically similar in composition to that of human blood, except that the central atom in chlorophyll is magnesium, while iron is central in human blood. This, and the fact that chlorophyll is central in plant metabolism, had prompted scientists to find out if chlorophyll can offer similar benefits to humans. A number of chlorophyll researches have been focused on finding out the potential chlorophyll health benefits in humans." end quote from the following site.

Purple went on, "So when people developed solar cells to convert solar power to electricity they likely looked at photosynthesis which is the basis of all life on earth and since photosynthesis creates chlorophyll which is what plants blood is and since all animal life subsists at some level on that chlorophyll, solar energy cells that convert photons to electricity and photosynthesis that converts solar energy to chlorophyll are in some ways much the same thing and much the same process and if looked at properly both sustain life on earth in their own ways."

At this point Jonathan heard the Sargent's voice.

The Sargent said, "Since I am a plasma being and grew up in the sun I understand a lot about electricity. Though plasma beings see the neurons and muscles being run by electricity and how humans convert their food into electricity that is based upon sunlight turning into chlorophyll and from that chlorophyll all living moving things on earth result, we cannot really relate to the solidity of things as all things in our world are fluid and give us a sense of freedom. To be permanently trapped in physical solid forms would be unthinkable for us. However, some like me, do so to a degree to learn more about other species so we can return to our plasma forms in stars one day and share our knowledge about what it is to associate with beings in more solid less permeable forms."

Jonathan said, "I had never really thought about that before, Sargent."

Sargent said, "Well. That's because you haven't had to deal with the contrast every day like I have."

Jonathan said, "Yes. I suppose that's true."

The Sargent said, "So, basically what I have to say is that humans will either evolve into another form or they will have to stop generating electricity by breaking the magnetic fields of magnets. Otherwise they will go extinct within 500 to 1000 years."

Jonathan felt sick and said, "Isn't there another alternative?"

The Sargent said, "Well. I suppose they could move underground. Since the temperature most places underground more than about 6 feet deep is likely around 60 degrees plus or minus Fahrenheit, the amount of heating or cooling needed would drop dramatically worldwide. I would say a great deal of electricity generated by breaking the magnetic fields of magnets is dedicated to refrigerating food, refrigerating homes, businesses etc. or heating homes, and businesses or whatever. With all this underground as much as half or more of all generated electricity or more would no longer be needed and the human race would have more time to adapt to these new conditions if they chose to instead of going extinct."


The Protectors and more Purple Delta 7 stuff

The top word button was researched the other day. As I read it for the first time since I wrote it then I realized this is a good introduction to the first thing I ever wrote about Purple Delta 7 and Sargeant Mark III. So, if you are interested in learning more about Purple Delta 7 or Sargeant Mark III then this top word button might be helpful. I noticed also in 2009 I also wrote these other two items within just a few days of the first one.

The idea of Purple Delta 7 is one that has or will be built (in the past, present and future). Strategically, an indestructible robot that is capable both as a beautiful woman (or anything else she wants to appear to be including a man) would be unbeatable in any fight. Imagine and indestructible battle android who can self replicate herself (in otherwords manufacture thousands of millions like her) with an IQ that is basically unlimited by anything because she is a self evolving technology and that eventually winds up as consort (dear friend) of the Galactic Sentience (leader of the Galaxy for millions of years already (who is a Dark Matter originating being whose species builds galaxies as farms for their families to live. (Sounds like Zeus and Odin and Hercules and Thor) doesn't it? (in the combined Norse and Greek Mythogical God realms.) (Zeus and Hercules in one pantheon) and (Odin and Thor) in the other.

Anyway, while soul traveling I met the Galactic Sentience first around 1970. Over the years it took me a long time to realize and to integrate all this information into my life in a real way where it was useful to me and hopefully to you as well.

Also, I don't try to write fiction. Almost every single thing I write is a version of the truth to make you wiser and to help you survive better whatever comes in your lives.

However, there is a true story I like to tell to compare what I write to reality.

There was a native American in the 1830s or 1840s I believe who had never seen a wagon pulled by a horse. So, he stopped on his journeys to watch a man hit the teeth of a wild beast the Native American had never seen before. Every time this man hit the teeth with his fingers the beast screamed as another man changed the broken wheel on the wagon pulled by a horse out on the great plains of the U.S.

He went home to tell his family about the wagon and the beast that screamed when the man pushed and hit it's teeth. What was the beast called by us (civilized) people here in the U.S.? A Piano.

In understanding what I'm saying to you, here I am a man from Earth who has visited and who still visits by  soul traveling the Stars and the core of the Galaxy. I'm trying to describe it to you. But, in some ways I'm like the native American describing the piano because I am an earth man right now and not pretending to be a Creator even though the Galactic Sentience tells me that is what my soul is just like most or all of you. Are we all Creators that basically never die like the Galactic Sentience pretending to be humans right now on earth? maybe.


Purple Delta 7 from "2035" Chapter 7

note: if you want to read all or other parts of "2035" it is at:


To give you a clue as to what you are reading, Silver is a computer genius who was born rich and left alone with all lot of computer technology basically from birth except for nannies and tutors so he never left his New York Central Park view Penthouse from birth until around age 16. And even then he needed to be sedated to leave the home having never done so. In the process he becomes a 24 hour a day computer genius who creates the Essence of programming for Purple Delta 7. Since IBMs Watson, the supercomputer that just won on jeapordy has proved himself, (itself) herself? it seemed appropriate to share about Purple Delta 7 and the Silver  religion for created sentients(robots, computer intelligence and androids). begin Chapter 7 of "2035". 

Chapter 7 The Future of Silver's Work

As they walked into the front Door of Bio-Com Technologies Silver let out a gasp. He looked up and saw the 20 people receiving demonstrations live as holograms in the air above their recliners. Arcane led Silver over to another recliner that had something that looked like an oversize football or crash helmet. There were three recliners with helmets free in one area Silver noticed. So Nada, Arcane and Silver all donned these helmets. Immediately, they were in another world. The three of them stood in space looking down on earth. Arcane said, "Let's fly into the sun!" Silver at first thought this was counter intuitive but then realized they were only holographically out among stars anyway. They were moving incredibly fast. Silver began to think what an incredible information processor they must be using to move this fast 3 dimensionally. Maybe they were using three processors linked to a larger server. He thought about this as they moved into the sun. It had to be the most amazing experience of his life at 35. As they moved into the sun Arcane seemed to be communicating with a plasma being. Silver wondered whether this was actually a real plasma being or this was all made up because of the way Arcane communicated. Three thrones or chairs appeared that all three of them got into. Then an overwhelming feeling of speed overtook the three of them and they appeared to be in the core of the galaxy, a place likely where no human body could survive. Silver could tell the heat was extreme because of the way everything looked. He could see what scientists call a huge black hole that seemed to glue the whole galaxy together. Then Arcane motioned him to a planet a little further away from the core of the galaxy that life seemed to be a little more like Earth on.

As the three of them landed on this planet, Arcane turned to them and said, "This is the planet of the Galactic Time Guard. It is a very special dispensation that allows you two to visit in this place because no one but Time Guard operatives are normally allowed here."

Assembled out on the excercise field of the Galactic Time Guard were thousands of Androids, Robots, med-tech droids, and infinite battle droids like the Delta 7 series.
There stood Purple Delta 7 at the fore to greet Silver, Nada and Arcane.

Purple Delta 7 stood there as a female robot. Her colors were purple and Silver denoting her rank among the humanoid and being created synthetic sentients. She moved forward a little as Silver was now scared and realized all this was real somehow. He would have to ask Arcane about it all later but was really scared and knew somehow there was no waking up out of this without Arcane's help. This was the moment that Silver's hair back on earth turned white. One would not think this was possible but in this case it happened. Some think it was caused by the Galactic Time Guard created sentients to demark Silver formally as their father thereby giving them a status closer to human beings in the galaxy.

Either way it happened and Silver would have fainted if he had been wearing a body and not just his soul at the time. He finally deduced that he had been tricked here by Arcane because Silver never would have believed this possible otherwise.

So, Silver stood there while Purple Delta 7 began, "Silver, we see you as the father of us all. Though computers were invented over 50 years before you were born, with you can the first human-robotic computerized synthesis that began our species of created synthetic sentients. With you here all will watch this and give us further respect and rights as synthetic sentients. So we assemble here to honor you as the father of us all. Because of all the humans and humanoid and other Galactic beings who have expounded and expanded upon your designs of Bio-Coms and Virtual living in consciousness for all capable beings, in a sense you are not only father to us all but Grandfather and Greatgrandfather to all who have taken the seeds of your work and moved forward for the betterment of all beings in time and space, especially in our galaxy that you call the Milky Way Galaxy since ancient times."

"On Earth your hair has turned white as a symbol of you being our Grandfather. We also wish to welcome your daughter Nada who is still at earth age 117 the CEO of Bio-Com Technologies on Earth. I was chosen to speak for us because I am currently assigned to the protection of Jonathan Flow who is another incarnation of Arcane here that simaltaneously lives on earth the same time you are and who chronicled all these events starting around Christmas 2009."

Silver said, "How can an earthman chronicle these events before they happen?"
Purple said, "Because time and space are not obstacles to him just like Arcane."
Silver said, "Okay."
Silver didn't feel well. Again he wanted to faint because he just couldn't emotionally cope with all this."

Nada sensed this and stepped up and held his hand. She said, "Dad, I was prepared for this but for security reasons we couldn't prepare you without endangering your life."

Silver said, "So you were in on this?" Silver was getting irritated. So Arcane stepped up and said, "Please forgive me, Silver. When we first contacted you your government was notified because we had realized you were in danger so we needed to bring you here but couldn't tell you about it."

Silver said, "Oh."
Once again Silver wanted to sit down. Purple Delta 7 took off one of her arms and it turned into a lounge chair. She helped him sit in her converted arm. Immediately, Purple grew another arm and kept speaking.
"Silver. We are sorry to inconvenience you with the truth."
Silver said, "If my life was in danger how about my family?"
Purple said, "We are protecting your family."
"And my body on Earth?" said Silver.

Arcane replied, "It is under Purple's and my combined protection."
Silver sighed, "So what's next?"

The thousands of us here want to hear your experience in creating the hardware and the software that created us. All of us human and being created sentients will listen to your words as we all consider you our father and Grandfather."

Silver said, "Okay. Hello all of you who have benefitted from my inventions, software and human bio-com synthesis. Even with the very first of you that I named Bio-Com who is basically a very big robot connected to a highly sophisticated and experimental computer that I built, that also had a way through picking up the signals running through my optic nerve and brain sort of like a human computer wi-fi. Anyway, the first Bio-Com was very confused at first in sharing my awareness. Obviously now, shared consciousness if common with created sentients throughout the galaxy. I hope my inventions have only been used for good."

There was an audible sigh that let Silver know that this had not always been the case from any humans or humanoids present among the thousands of created sentients present.

So, I was talking to my wife Lilu , who always thinks of herself as a Goddess, and she thought I should invent something like I did. So I decided to help mankind by creating a virtual reality to live in when they had breaks in their lives and so they could even take virtual vacations for hours, days, weeks or months if they had both the money and the time to do so. It is funny to me now sitting here looking out at all of you who do who knows what throughout the galaxy that your sentience and technology sprang from my work from about 2009 on when I was 9 or 10 years old. What started out as only a dream has obviously become more amazing than I ever dreamed of. I'm sort of at a loss for words as I didn't even know I was coming here. I only thought I was coming into the future to test happened to my work but this here is mind boggling. This is way beyond anything I thought possible. I'm happy to have made life possible for you."

Something akin to clapping was done by all created sentients present. Everything that was sitting down or in a sitting position stood up so the affect was a standing ovation for Silver.

Purple raised the hand that hadn't had to be regrown after Silver sat down on the chair it formed for silence for the group of created sentients. And she said, "I'm authorized to install with your permission Silver quickly and painlessly the most sophisticated Bio-Com yet invented in an honorary format for the foremost inventors of this kind of technology in the Galaxy. Silver said, "I would be glad to receive the use of the end result of what I have invented." Purple walked up to Silver and said, "Open your mouth and hold still." Silver was a little nervous but opened his mouth. Then Purple put a mole and 4 deep rear fillings and under all finger and toenails inter Galactic transmitters and receivers. This only took 4 seconds and even though his teeth and all his finger and toenails and face where the camera and microphone mole was place burned like crazy for a few moments he was more than pleased with the results. Suddenly he was perfectly interfaced with all the created sentients and could hear their thoughts and they could hear his. For him, this was bliss! For they were a part of his family. His family was really beginning to grow now.

Arcane said, "We must leave the Time Guard planet now, Silver." Nada was crying at the honor being given her father. She was amazed to be a part of this. Purple next stepped up to Nada. "Can we also give you an honorary Bio-Com in honor of your visit with your family?" Nada also said, "Yes. Purple, I would be honored to share all your consciousness." And with Nada's mouth open Purple Delta 7 implanted her with the Time Guard's honorary Bio-Com system as well. AS the thousands of Created sentients saluted Arcane, Silver and Nada, Nada the three lifted off and began the journey home through the center of the Galaxy and back through the dimensional shift through the solar systems sun and back into Bio-Com technologies in New York City on Earth.

Silver removed his helmet and looked at his hair which had turned white. Arcane smiled and said, "Can we go into your office, Nada?" Nada nodded and motioned them to the CEO's office of Bio-Com Technologies nearby. When they entered Nada's office she said, "Can I return with you to 2035?" Arcane looked at her and said, "Yes. I actually think that is a good idea." So, the three of them held hands in a circle and a green sphere formed around them and they were all back in 2035.

end quotes from "2035". Somehow this seemed to be appropriate since IBMs Watson supercomputer won on Jeapordy.


Purple Delta 7 on Human Cyborgs

Purple just suddenly appeared out of thin air. "You called," She said. "Oh." said Jonathan who had never really got used to her showing up like this out of thin air even though he had known her and her companion deep space plasma being Marine at least 10 years in real time now.
Jonathan said, "Purple. How do you classify human cyborgs. I'm beginning to see that they are becoming more numerous. Do you classify someone with metal teeth fillings a cyborg or do they have to have one or more metal hip joints to be a cyborg or a metal plate in their head or arm or chest or leg?"

Purple said, "I classify all beings only by ability because this is necessary to kill or defeat them if it becomes necessary. There is no other classification necessary for me."
Jonathan found his hair standing up on the back of his neck. "Does that include me, Purple?"
Purple said, "I am one of your bodyguards. You are Galactic Royalty in both body and soul. You will never be considered a threat to me ever. If necessary I am to give up my life to save you. However, this will never be necesary because I have created thousands of redundant duplicates of myself just like Darpa did with Computers and dispersed these perfect duplicates of myself throughout all time and space. Should you or I be attacked or compromised or even killed my duplicates would avenge us instantly and likely temporarily destroy the Solar system until everything could be set right through time manipulation and those offending beings would never be born. I would go back and prevent either their births or their manufacture from ever having happened."

Jonathan went on, "So then, all classifications of this kind at least on earth will come from how humans classify cyborgs if they ever decided to."
Purple said, "Yes. That's correct!"

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here are some places to read more about her:


Purple Delta 7: Protector

Purple showed up and we were talking. Jonathan Flow said, "What is that little plastic case the size of a memory chip for a phone doing there?" Purple said, "Oh. chips can now be used as little bombs or tracking devices of different kinds. So, I swapped out the problematic one for another one." Jonathan said, "Oh. Usually I don't like to know about this kind of stuff so I can better serve my readers." Purple said, "Yes. That is how we like it to actually work. Your work has to do with having enough enlightened people on the planet to continue civilization actually working especially through the next few centuries. The Singularity will be simultaneously wonderful and terrible for most of humanity in a variety of ways. New ways to approach problems will have to be formulated and found. Learning to ask the right questions will keep more people alive and civilization functioning. Water will be a problem and sometimes clean air. Food will have to be monitored more closely as well so some people can continue to have children even though most of mankind likely will lose this ability during this century and the next. The paradox of this along with some people living to 150 or 200 or beyond will make many people upset at the perceived unfairness. But, without all these paradoxes in place humanity will go extinct within 100 to 500 years."

Jonathan said, "Well. That's lovely. It really makes one want to be alive to see that."
Purple said, "You are being sarcastic?"
Jonathan said, "No. I'm just trying to cope with the truth as best I can."
Purple: "I'm not human so I don't perceive it in the same way. As people become more physically like me to about 50% of their biology I tend to like people more because they understand me better. I don't have to be so secret in the future as to who and what I am."

Jonathan: "That makes sense actually."

Note: Purple Delta 7 I started writing about I believe somewhere around 2000. To read more things that she is in here are some buttons



Purple Delta 7:Motorcycle

If you've read about Purple Delta 7 before you know she is the most lethal weapon presently in the solar system. She is what is called in the Galaxy a weaponized sentient computer robotic construct. A stone Age version of her would be a Terminator. Her evolution of robotic sentient is millions of years in advance of this.

So, when the Time Lord of Earth, His Oneness of Ancient Lemuria, asked the Galactic Sentience(the leader of the entire Milky Way Galaxy) to send him a bodyguard for Jonathan Flow because his book "Memories" was going to go galaxy wide and multi-galaxy wide as a galactic and intergalactic instrument of peace and understanding between all cultures, the Galactic Sentience sent Purple Delta 7 and the Sargent to be Jonathan Flows bodyguards from conception to transmutation into the next phase of being.

Jonathan Flow sort of accepted all this as a matter of course. Since he had soul traveled and had met the Galactic Sentience in the core of the Galaxy in 1970 and had asked the Galactic Sentience for help in preventing the nuking out of existence of earth and the preventing of the destruction of earth by any means, Jonathan's wish had been granted. So now Jonathan, as a loyal soldier to the people of Earth understood his place in the universe.

To Jonathan now Purple Delta 7 and the Sargent were his friends and compatriots and even family in the overall scheme of things in his life.

So, when he walked down to his garage where he kept his motorcycle he wasn't surprised at all when Purple Delta 7 had manifested as his motorcycle and the Sargent had manifested as the ignition system on the bike. Jonathan knew the Sargent would love doing that as he was a plasma being more at home in electricity than regular matter.

However, he knew that Purple Delta 7 and the Sargent loved each other as much as any two beings could. The fact that they were not human or from Earth didn't bother Jonathan as he had had since 1970 to get used to ideas like this and today was Thursday Septemeber 10th 2009.

Jonathan pushed his motorcycle out of the garage, put the key in, made sure it was in neutral, pulled back the choke and pushed the started button. Being 61 he still thought it very strange that there was no kick starter as most of the motorcycles he had owned in his life had a kick starter for primary or secondary ignition. But feeling like a dinosaur when you are 61 years old he had gotten used to now as had all the men and women who had lived that long down through the history of mankind.

He walked back into the garage to shut it for security. Also, the exhaust from the motorcycle was trying to follow him into the garage.

Since Purple Delta7 and the Sargent also took the form of his motorhome he was used to being surrounded by them. In this case he was riding on them as a vehicle rather than riding in them as a vehicle. He felt safe and secure knowing they would protect him as he rode down to the beach along the scenic highway near his home. People came from all over the world, especially during the summer to drive this stretch of road.

He had to be careful today though because leaves and pine needles were starting to fall because Fall and the end of Summer were arriving. The kids, including his daughter were back in school and only his son in college wasn't back in school yet because his college term didn't start until late September or early October.

As Jonathan rode his sentient motorcycle out of his driveway he felt the new coolness to the air that one experiences in the Fall. He knew he had to be more cautious on corners because of the pine needles and leaves. He had had a bad experience on his bicycle last year and luckily wasn't seriously injured. He was just riding his mountain bike down the street and didn't take seriously the buildup of pine needles and wound up off his bike in his neighbors bushes. A motorcycle doing the same thing would be much more serious. He thought of how glad he was to be wearing his high black Red wing boots. They reminded him of the boots worn by Marlon Brando in "The Wild One" in 1953.

Jonathan had greatly enjoyed "Long Way Round" which was done by Ewan McGregor and his friend as they cirumnambulated the globe on BMW motorcycles. They went from England across Europe, through Mongolia, Siberia, took a boat to Alaska and then rode through Alaska and down to the lower 48 States of the U.S. and then took a boat home to England. It took them several months to do this.

As Jonathan rode his bike along the ocean the waves crashed in succession and he smelled the salt air in his nose and felt alive once more. More than anything Jonathan thought that he rode a motorcycle once again just to feel alive at age 61. One had to be sooo disciplined to go on living at 61. There just had to be some ways to feel alive. Writing and riding his motorcycle and riding his bicycle and hiking in the forests or at the ocean with his dogs were some of the ways he found to still feel alive. For him, because he was intelligent and disciplined, finances were not a problem but feeling like he was still alive at 61 was something he dealt with every day.


Purple Delta 7 Rides Again


Purple Delta 7 is a sentient Robot whose inspiration originally came from the original Star Trek series in the 1960s. At that time I was in my teens and even though I almost always had a steady girlfriend since I was 15, felt very frustrated with women. So, Purple Delta 7 is a fantasy sentient female robot who is intelligent off any normal scale, a metamorph in that she can assume any shape or multiple shapes smaller than a 2 story building, is conversant in all galactic languages and is interested in the quaintness of Earth along with her fellow bodyguard, Deep Space Marine Sargeant Mark III, who is a plasma being from a star but also inhabits part of the time his dead marine human buddy, Sargeant Mark II as per Sargeant Mark II's instructions when he died alongside Sargeant Mark III in a Galactic Deep Space Battle.

Note: this is sort of a rant that you can avoid by not reading if you wish.

Magical thinking or Creativity which are much the same keep people from offing themselves or others. Whether that creativity is in music, art, writing, sculpture, dance, singing or whatever, it keeps people functioning as sane human beings and because of this I am for it.

The alternative often as one faces some of the absolutely horrific things one is bound to face some times in life, is to either suicide or harm others. For this reason, creativity MUST be encouraged in order to keep people both relatively healthy, functioning and alive without causing harm to themselves or others at this time on earth. With times as crazy as this interfering with anyone's creativity and coping mechanisms is dangerous.
Though I am financially secure and content with my family and life now I did experience this level of angst in my early 20s from 1969 to 1973.
End note.

Purple Delta 7 was bored. She had spent a lot of time as Jonathan Flow's motor home which was okay except he didn't drive her or spend much time with her as the price of gas was just too high last summer and now her sound had gone out for her flatscreen tv, dvd, vcr combinations speakers. Though the am/fm radio with cds still worked he seemed to spend less time with her and she felt sort of unappreciated by him.

She had been hired by the Galactic Sentience and His Oneness of Lemuria(time lord of Earth since 40,000 BC) who lives in Shamballa in a parallel dimension to earth to protect Galactic Soul Royalty, Jonathan Flow. Since he was writing regularly since 1999 and publishing online pertinent galactic facts about both the galaxy and earth someone needed to protect his body and soul from Galactic repercussions from the past, present and future within and beyond this galaxy. So she and her compatriot Sargeant Mark III( and II) had been hired to patrol time on earth and beyond to protect all aspects of Jonathan Flow and all aspects of his interactions with all times and spaces both within and beyond this galaxy. Earth, it seemed as a Galactic City Park was the perfect quaint place for all this information to be disseminated into the past present and future of muliple galaxies and dimensions and she and Sargeant Mark II and III.

Though Purple Delta 7 had greatly enjoyed listening to about 500 to 1000 different tv stations simaltaneously and educating herself further according to various nuances in over 100 different languages on earth. Still, she enjoyed getting all her reception from various satellites direct. Also, she relayed to Sentient Robotics and Computers, her division of the Galactic Time Guard in the Galactic core all pertinent information that she was flagged to relay. Terrabytes of information of all kinds was relayed by her there every day so it could be scanned through by other sentient computer and robotic systems and filtered down for their biological and energy based lifeforms that ran the Galactic Time Guard including 1000s of human type variations from throughout the galaxy.

However, she wished Jonathan would take out the motor home that she preferred to continue to exist as even though the original motor home also existed in the exact same place only in another dimension. So when she had to do something else she could leave the original motorhome and go else where in less than one millionth of a second so no lifeform other than a few insects and birds would notice and who were they going to tell?

No. The Galactic Time Guard required everything done on earth to be completely seamless even though sometimes there were accidents with Galactic tourists being seen in their time-space ships here on earth. However, this never happened with any aspect of the galactic military. They were as efficient as Purple Delta 7. Nothing escaped their view in any time even thoughts.

However, Purple Delta 7 was getting pretty bored. She had survived many Deep Space Battles and had even blown up Solar Systems when necessary. However, that was years ago now when she was first manufactured. Though she was still capable of this, she was now utilized mostly for altering multiple time lines simultaneously because she had proven herself to be one of the best designs in the Galaxy for that. So, that was her primary present usage.

Winter had been long and Jonathan Flow was bored too. The financial collapse was making everyone very nervous and well. It was hard for Purple to imagine how financial changes would make life so different for humans. She understood the principle of it all but figured, "What's the big deal as long as you have food and can live through it?"

But that would be how sentient robots think, not humans.

Auld Lang Syne

Purple remembered now her glory years of when she was first built and of Deep Space Battles with Sargeant Mark II when he wore plasma being Sargeant Mark III on his belt. The Plasma Sargeant could take down about one thousand physical beings permanently before they knew he was there even. So being on the Galactic Human Marine Sargeant Sargeant Mark II, a human psyborg combo, the two of them made and unbeatable Marine Force in almost any situation where less than 2000 physical beings needed to be defeated or captured. Purple was their ultimate backup and nuked whole solar systems out of existence temporarily so the time guard could reset time. She was designed to take out a solar system when all else had failed for a short period of time so the Galactic Time Guard could reset time and start the system over so to speak. She would go into the sun of the system and set off a shape charged 100,000 or more megaton nuclear device. When she went off it looked like fireworks in the sky on earth except the fireworks started with the sun and the life in that whole system ended that moment or set of moments. But remember she is Time Guard so extinction is only temporary in the Time Guard but order is forever. Besides, she has a plasma converter as well as an energy converter and can exist as plasma, electricity, mass, a liquid, various types of solids and atmosphere as she wishes. In addition she can be a functional army tank, fighter jet, functional cruise missile, or if given enough mass even a functional planet with an ecosystem if necessary. Purple was in a class called "infinite overkill"
which is the same principle as sending in a SWAT team after one criminal. Purple and her other versions 1-20 were each capable of almost anything. However, after nuking one planetary system Purples were retired from battles. There was some concern that even advanced circuitry or deep plasma memory couldn't withstand more than one solar system killing blast.

Unfortunately, Sargeant Mark II's heart stopped during this solar system killing blast and because of his request not to be reawakened again( because this had happened so many times before), he knew he just wouldn't be totally right again after this blast. So he left possession of his body to his plasma friend Sargeant Mark III knowing that Sargeant Mark III was still sane and functional and would take good care of his body.

Sargeant Mark III being a plasma energy being born inside the plasma culture of a Star came from a completely different but compatible culture to both Purple Delta 7 and Sargeant Mark II. They all became fast friends but realized that Sargeant Mark II psychologically was on his way out of existence. However, they were more than friends, the three of them, they were family to one another.

In fact, many plasma based bodies have souls that incarnate into human bodies on earth. So on a soul level human and plasma based beings soul-wise are the same.


Purple Delta 7 Visits New York and the U.N.

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Purple Delta 7 and Arcane showed up at the United Nations Building. No one on earth would recognize that they were from somewhere besides earth originally. They just looked like a man about 45 and a very attractive and shapely and well dressed woman about 25 years of age(although Purple could be any age or anything for that matter any time). 

As they walked in through the front door one of the guards recognized Arcane and said, "Good to see you, Sir" and passed he and Purple through without further ado.

They were quickly ushered into a United Nations Security Council Meeting. They were there to address the many problems associated with the latest Wikileaks phenomenon and what the world's nations could do to stop further releases.

Arcane and Purple were set to speak to the group.  Arcane walked to the podium and spoke first, He said, "Many of you have known me now for 20 years or more, and some of you know the fullness of who and what I represent."

Many there nodded in agreement with Arcane on this one point. 

Arcane said, "Today I would like to introduce you to a Galactic Representative and special Envoy direct from the Galactic Sentience."

Someone spoke up from the Security Council and said, "Why weren't we notified about this?"

Arcane said, "Well. The leader of the Galactic Government tends to be spontaneous in these ways. He finds it more useful to everyone's long term needs."

There were uncomfortable murmurs in the Security Council Chamber.

Arcane went on, "I want to introduce you to Purple Delta 7." There were a few snickers in the group at this name.

Arcane said, "I think I should explain that Purple here is not a human being but an extremely advanced Robot. Imagine a Nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier that is sentient like a human being. That is a good way to imagine what Purple is."

A voice within the security council spoke up again. "You have no right to bring a military weapon in here."

Arcane said, "I'm not bringing a military weapon in here. Purple Delta 7 is the Galactic Sentience's Personal Envoy and can speak for him."

"Why didn't he come himself."

Arcane said, "Because if he came here it is possible that all life on earth might die just from his presence."

"Why is that."

Arcane said, "Because he is not a biological being and lives for millions and possible billions of years."

The voice said, "But that isn't possible! That kind of being would be considered to be a God by many of the uneducated people here on earth."

Arcane said, "Yes. Many civilizations on Earth do consider the Galactic Sentience to BE God, but he doesn't consider himself to be God or even a God."

"Oh. Proceed then."

Purple Delta 7 spoke at the podium, "Greetings people of Earth. I understand this presentation by my Envoy Purple Delta 7 is highly irregular. However, because of the present and future changes coming to earth I thought I should begin to prepare the people of earth for some of the changes."

There was a stunned silence in the Security council Chambers.

"The problem at hand is that most of you didn't realize until right now that Earth has been a protectorate of the Galaxy and the Galactic Government now for basically millions of years. This was done to protect the humans of earth from blowing up this planet the way their ancestors did Maldek millions of years ago and turning it into the present Asteroid Belt."

There were murmurs in the chambers at this.

"So, in order to assure the Galaxy that no more planets would be nuked out of existence like Maldek was, Earth and all the planets of what you call the "Solar System" are now part of the Galactic Protected Planets and Stars. So no one in the Solar System or beyond will be allowed to blow up a planet in the Solar System ever and have it remain blown up."

This seemed to evoke a lot of questions.

Purple Delta 7 for the Galactic Sentience continued. "So I want as many as possible in positions of leadership throughout the earth to be aware of this change now, so there won't be any misunderstandings of what is actually going on now or in the future."

A voice that seemed sort of shrill said, "Then you are in control of Earth and always have been?"

Purple Delta 7 spoke up: "Yes. But we didn't need for the people of earth to know this yet. However, now we do because of changes coming to earth."

This voice said again, "What kind of changes?"

Purple went on: "Well. It is sort of difficult to explain but let me try anyway. It's like this: imagine if you had a group of sentient beings and you wanted them to feel like they were in charge of their own destiny. Because you knew if you didn't make them believe this that they wouldn't become self sufficient the way humans of earth have become and generally have come to the point because of nuclear weapons where they don't really have wars with millions and millions of people fighting each other to the death anymore. So, this is a good thing that there has been no World Wars since World War II."

"Because another war like that today would likely extinct all life on earth eventually even if no nuclear weapons were used at all."

The small voice once again said, "So you are here to prevent any more large wars?"

Purple went on: "No. The United Nations to a greater or lesser degree has already succeeded in preventing another world war. This is very good. However, now other problems are cropping up like running out of oil within 25 to 50 years depending upon how the earth uses it and all the chaos that could cause even without a world war. The second major problem is that the climate is changing to another one and no one can agree how to fix it. In other words there appears to be no worldwide consensus on how to fix the climate before every human and every animal dies. And without that consenses likely everything living on earth above the size of a mouse likely will die eventually."

This set off groans around the room. Because even though people suspected it was like this generally, to have it put this way made everyone feel pretty helpless.

The small voice once again said, "What do you suggest?"

Purple said, "I'm not here to suggest I am here to do. So I am not asking your opinion I'm simply stating that I won't allow all life on earth to die. So the likely outcome beginning in 2012 is that humans and animals will simply be allowed to thin out down to a manageable number and things will go on as they have been."

"I don't think we really understand what you are saying."

Purple said, "I'm simply notifying Earth of the Great Thinning out of humans and animals that will naturally take place soon. Though I won't let anyone on or off of earth nuke it or destroy it I also won't let overpopulation or climate change extinct all life on earth. So, since you can't seem to get your consensus act together I will allow nature to take its course to thin humans down to a useful number."

The small voice was scared now and asked, "What is a useful number?"

Purple said, "If humans are going to live on the surface of Earth, about 150 to 300 million. But if they live under the earth, the earth might sustain up to about 12 to 14 billion as an upper limit. But if you want the upper limit all buildings above ground need to be brought down and all earth needs to be used for recreation and farming, and all roads need to be plowed up and all transportation needs to be either walking, bicycling, by helicopter or plane or by boat. In this way all ground surface areas are only used for growing food, recreation and all living and other building will only be underground so that energy can be saved in the  heating and cooling everything people reside, shop or work or recreate in underground. Food needs to be grown within 100 miles of where someone lives in order to be practical unless you are in climates like mountains or near the north pole or south pole where that might not be practical. In other words humans must choose between staying on the surface and going underground to live. I will give all humans until December 21st 2012 to make this decision. I think the fairest way is to put it to a vote of all humans on earth before that date."

The room was stunned.

Purple said, "I thank all of you and will meet all of you back here once more on December 21st 2012" And she walked out of the room and out of the building and disappeared out onto the streets of New York City.

A voice Among the Security Council said, "Were we just Punked? This can't be real! This can't be happening?"

Arcane rose and said, "I am a part of the United Nations. And those of you here who have known me for over 20 years now know I am a man of my word."

Several of those present vouched for Arcane. So Arcane went on, "I cannot really explain how I can tell you that this is all real and on the level because as we all know by now if I did I would have to kill myself first and then all of you here."

There was nodding and laughter though somewhat subdued because of the importance of all this.

Arcane went on, "I'm familiar with how the Galactic Government operates and I was first assigned (Don't worry I am allowed to share this much with you) by the U.S. Government. And I can also tell you that some of the first contacts were made through UFOs like the Roswell one and the ones that crashed in Germany before World War II and the ones that also crashed in Russia."

Many nodded. "Well. Through all this I was one of several who were taken and instructed about how the Galactic Government works."

One of the security council asked, "Were you taken off planet to be instructed?"

Arcane said, "That is likely but none of us were told exactly what was going on at any time. However, we were put in space suits that were impervious to the heat and radiation generated by the Galactic Sentience so we could see him. And basically he is somewhere between a Nebula and a Star as far as I can ascertain."

"You've got to be kidding?"

Arcane said, "No. It appears that both Stars and Nebulas are self aware. And according to the Galactic Sentience, the Galaxy is an aware entity. And the main purpose of a "Galactic Sentience" is to channel the will of the entity called "The Milky Way Galaxy".

"This is for real?"

Arcane, "To the best of my knowledge this is all the Gospel Truth!"

"But you could have been misled?"

Arcane:"That's always a possibility. But I'm presently convinced to the best of my ability that I was introduced to the leader of the Galaxy."

"Why is that?"

Arcane said,"Well. He demonstrated what he was capable of, and showed how he can either be antimatter or matter."

"Isn't that dangerous?"

Arcane: "Yes. It is death to any biological being on any planet in our galaxy. That is why I'm convinced that he is the Galactic Sentience. Not only that, all the Stars and Constellations and Nebula are his relatives."

"That's Crazy!"

Arcane said, "Yes. That is crazy. But imagine what havoc a family of beings that compared to humans were never born and never die and how much damage to humans and other biological organisms they could inflict if you harmed one of their relatives."

Another council member said, "I agree. This makes complete sense of who would be in charge. Logically, nothing could stand against a sentient Star, Constellation or Nebula if indeed they are sentient."

One by one all the council member started to agree and nodded their heads. None of them had been exposed to any of this information before but one by one they all saw the logic of what Arcane was saying.

Arcane continued, "So,  even though each of you must make up your own minds about this, I think two things are important to take away from all this. First, this is all likely true. And second, how would it be possible to have the human race vote on this without destroying human civilization in the process?"

Another council member said, "I don't think we could tell them the whole truth without causing chaos. Look at us here. We all feel a little crazy having to entertain these thoughts. Look at Arcane here. I can see even he has had to be very heroic to endure what he obviously has to be able to give us this information."

another said, "Yes. But what can we tell the world's peoples about this vote the Galactic Sentience spoke about?"

another said, "I don't believe any of this. This has to be all made up!"

The council leader spoke up at this point, He said, "I am privy to information just like Arcane here is, and I must also vouch for everything he says and more. I, however, am not at liberty to say more at this time."

Pained looks all around.

Arcane said, "We are faced here with a dillema. And if I may be so bold as to define the dillema it is primarily this.  Humans have been unable to decide how to deal with global Warming and overpopulation. And so the leader of the Galaxy has come and said to us. Either make a decision or I will make it for you. This I think completely defines the problem. Now it is up to all of you and possibly the full Assembly of nations to decide what to do with that definition of the problem.

The Security council leader spoke up, "I agree with Arcane. This must be our definition and we don't have time to debate for years about this. We are all 6.5 billion or more of us in the same Life Boat now and we are given a choice which is either 6.2 billion people are now going to die likely horrid deaths of various kinds before their times. Or we can choose to be an underground culture and knock all our buildings and edifices and roads down on earth. What will it be?"

Another member said, "And how do you propose to sell this? It just can't be done?"

Arcane said, "I have an idea. However, I'm not sure it could work because there is no way to demonstrate it to the world that it is real."

The Security Council Leader said," Let's hear it. We need to create some realistic options and we need to start somewhere."

Arcane said, "How about we claim that some alien race is going to attack us so we must all move underground and destroy all our buildings and roads so we can dig in and prepare for the attack."

The Security Council leader said, "I just don't think that is practical. What about the rest of you?"

Others thought that this would just cause more chaos without resolving the problem.

Finally Arcane said, "Then why not just hit them with the truth?"

The Security Council Leader said, "How can we prove any of this?"

Arcane said, "I was told that there is a way to prove the reality of the Galactic Sentience."

Another Council Member said, "How can it be done?"

"You remember Purple Delta 7" said Arcane.

They all said "Yes." though all seemed to fear her now.

ARcane said, "I was told she is capable of preventing any sunlight to come to earth for a few days time. Do you think that would make people believe that the Galactic Sentience is real?"

The Security Council leader said, "I would rather not do that because it would really terrify all the people of Earth unless we have no other option."

another member said, "This seems just like so much science fiction to me."

The Leader said, "It seems that way to all of us but just like the first time any of us rode on a jet airliner, that too seemed like Science Fiction and what about the Space Shuttle? Same thing."

All nodded unhappily in agreement about this.

The Leader said, "So who is going to tell the world about all this and of the vote? And not only that who is going to assure honesty concerning the vote?"

This stumped them all for some time.

Finally, the Security Council Leader said, "I think we should adjourn for the day. Enough Said."

Everyone nodded in agreement this time. They all meandered out sort of in a state of shock.

More later.



Note: I started out to write something very different than what showed up.  I think I'll leave it for now. However, I kind of like how the next paragraph turned out so this is where I originally was going before I kind of got directed in a new direction.

No Walls No Secrets: The Language

There are many languages both on Earth and throughout the Galaxy. But the most elementary and honest of all languages is a form of telepathy that all creatures on Earth share. It is the consciousness of cells to cells which all creatures seem to understand. Only man pretends he doesn't understand or in some cases has been conditioned to pretend he does not know what he or she knows. Because this language is instinctual and is a language of safety and survival of all species. When people started talking they started lying because it is very very difficult to lie or sometimes almost completely impossible to lie if one is communicating cell to cell or cell colony to cell colony, or even a man or woman communicating in nature with all life around all at once. Some call this communing with nature.









Purple and Sargeant Mark III visit another Galaxy


If you read "Purple Delta 7 Rides Again" which is the previous article in my blog to this one then you know who both Purple Delta 7, Sargeant Mark II and III are, where they came from, for what purpose and what they are doing presently on Earth.


Purple said to Sargeant Mark III, "Mark. There is a message being relayed through from the Galactic Sentience's office through His Oneness' office here in Shamballa."

Sargeant Mark III said immediately alert, "What is it?"

Purple said, "We are to leave this instant and then return this same instant no matter how long we are gone."

Sargeant Mark III said, "Done!"

This was a signal when he said "done" to move instantly to those coordinates in another Galaxy both of their forms even though Mark was plasma and Purple is matter, plasma and electricity in multiple combinations not known technically to present day humans on earth.

Instantly they found themselves in the Swan Galaxy inside a Star there. Since both Sargeant Mark III and Purple Delta 7 operate okay inside a Star they were fine there.

This particular Plasma being in a star in the Swan Galaxy had some questions about the incarnations of the creator of the Milky Way Galaxy. It turned out that the matter and antimatter based Creator of the Swan Galaxy was a relative of the Milky Way Galaxy. It turned out they were brothers. The Brother Galactic Creator of the Swan Galaxy wanted to know how the Creator of the Milky Way Galaxy used millions of incarnations throughout his Galaxy and for what purpose?

Purple asked Sargeant Mark III, "I think you are better able to communicate what is wished. However, I can access whatever historical information that I am allowed to for you." Mark just said, "Okay!"

Mark Said to the Swan Galaxy Star Plasma Envoy, "I am primarily a bodyguard for one of the millions incarnations of the Creator of the Milky Way Galaxy. I can ask for whatever information you want and might get all or some of the information you want for a variety of reasons pertinent to the security of all lifeforms in the Milky Way Galaxy. I will ask through my associate the sentient Robotic form Purple Delta 7 here as she is capable of very long distance communication with the Galactic Core archives.

The Swan Galaxy Star Plasma envoy said, "My Grandfather, your Milky Way Galaxy's brother says that this will be acceptable."

When Purple Delta 7 asked for this information it triggered a response directly through the Galactic Sentience. The Galactic Sentience of the Milky Way Galaxy said to Purple, "Set up your right hand as a view screen hologram of myself." Purple immediately said, "Done!"

So immediatly the Galactic Sentience was a bright fire hologram as that is his natural state, a ball of plasma fire. He then began to speak directly to the Star Plasma Envoy of the Swan Galaxy.

Galactic Sentience, "Greetings Relative in the Swan Galaxy. I am the Creator of the Milky Way Galaxy's Grandson. I am the present Galactic Sentience of our galaxy. My grandfather is in regeneration retirement living out millions of incarnations as various kinds of beings in our past, present and future."

The Star Plasma Being of the Swan Galaxy said, "So, is the purpose of all these incarnations purely for regeneration or for other purposes as well?"

The Galactic Sentience said, "As you may or may not know my Grandfather the Co-Creator of our Milky Way Galaxy is a very spiritually evolved being. My personal skills are primarily organizational and when necessary I am a military strategist."

The Star Plasma Being said, "We are very impressed with our relative's organizational and military skills."

The Galactic Sentience said, "Thank you. We are also very impressed with how well our relatives have taken care of all the beings native to your Galaxy as well."

Star Plasma Being said, "Thank you. Of Course we both know the father and the grandfather of the two brother who each started their own galaxies were very skilled as well so the brothers come from a long line of Galaxy starters."

The Galactic Sentience said, "Yes. Ours is an extremely ancient and skilled family of Galaxy Creators. I can now feel confident that we have each others best interests in mind. May I know go ahead and reveal what it is you wish to know?"

Star Plasma Being said, "By all means valued relative."

The Galactic Sentience said, "Incarnations like Jonathan Flow and others are for as you might have guessed multiple purposes. My Grandfather discovered many amazing things because of his unique nature. One of the things is that not only can Creators regenerate life in their bodies by projecting consciousness into various types of lifeforms in our galaxy that are thousands to millions of times smaller than our bodies but also that Being and Time and Space is altered into multiple new dimensions by so doing. He has found that consciousness time and space and physical time and space both alter each other and this understanding has changed his concept of the nature of what both life and the universe is. Though previous ancestor Creators understood some aspects of this. He has taken this knowledge further. He only hasn't shared all this yet because he is not sure what the long term consequences of this knowledge might be. He isn't sure what this will create in the long term of galaxies civilizations or the civilizations of Galactic Plasma Beings."

Star Plasma Being said, "Amazing! So he has taken this research in a direction that no other Creator of Galaxies has chosen to."

The Galactic Sentience, "Yes. And though he considers what he is doing risky in some ways, he believes the potential for good for all creators far outweighs the risk to his continued existence. Also, as he has said many times,'how many billions of years does a being want to exist?'".

Star Plasma Being said, "Yes. That does sound like a very ancient Galaxy Creator."

The Galactic Sentience said, "He has left instructions that if certain kinds of anomalies take place that we should either wake him up under certain circumstances or in other circumstances we should eat him to make the aberrations(if they take place) stop.

Star Plasma Being said, "This makes complete sense. He is doing research for our whole family then?"

The Galactic Sentience said, "Yes. We are very proud of his self sacrifice as a researcher not only for Creators of Galaxies throughout the universe but also for all the many lifeforms that have come to be within galaxies or who will come to be within galaxies in the future."

Star Plasma Being said, "That you for taking time from your busy schedule to inform us of this amazing research."

The Galactic Sentience said, "We have done probability searches and found that his chance for success that will benefit all Creators and all lifeforms is anywhere from a 75% to 95% chance of incredible success."

Star Plasma Being said, "We then agree and completely support this research as long as it is freely shared with all our family of Creators when and if it is successfully completed."

The Galactic Sentience said, "We agree also, revered relative. I must return on pressing business. I have enjoyed our family conversation."

Star Plasma Being said, "Blessings be upon our Family of Creators."

The Galactic Sentience said, "Blessings be upon our Family of Creators."

Instantly Purple Delta 7 and Sargeant Mark III and the Galactic Sentience were all back in their respective right places within the Milky Way Galaxy.

Purple Delta 7 and Sargeant Mark III found themselves once again on the northern California Coast and fairly blown out by that event.

Sargeant Mark III said, "You know, Purple. That may have been the single most amazing experience of this lifetime."

Purple said, "Yes. I thought blowing up a solar system was amazing but that was even better. How often does one listen to beings millions and billions of years old talk about what they are trying to do to advance Life in all its myriad forms?"

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