Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Amish: a Non Oil Based Culture and Society

I think it is important for many people around the world during these times to study what can happen in a non oil based society, because once oil is gone within 10 to 25 years or just too expensive for most people to buy anymore on earth, the way the Amish live is a viable alternative at least as far as farming and horses and living goes. Many people on earth might have to temporarily or even permanently go to a somewhat similar type of lifestyle to survive the rest of this century, (or at least until more economically viable energy alternatives are more universally available). I was watching a program on the PBS TV station on the Amish tonight called, "The Amish, an American Experience" which likely might be available to watch at pbs.org eventually if you want to watch it to study this Christian Culture that lives in America. Presently, it is only available to buy on DVD.

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