Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What is the Point of Being Spiritual?

People in any or even no religion can be naturally spiritual. So, I personally draw a distinction between being spiritual and being religious. Often being religious has no more meaning that being a Californian, American, English, German or French. It is how you were born but has no real meaning as to your actual experience of life in your heart of hearts.

Whereas being spiritual is a lot like falling in Love with the Universe for the rest of your life. And the reason you fall in love with the whole universe and nature and God is that your personal connectivity to everything in the universe is exponentially obvious so there is nothing and no one that can tell you otherwise. Once you have an experience like this it is forever. And the religion you are raised in might have either more or less meaning or no meaning at all to you after this experience. But ever after you know that you are one with the universe and whether you are physically alive in a body or not you know that you will go on forever as one with the universe, God or however you want to define it.

I would say the point of being spiritual is to permanently experience being one with God in a constantly blissful way. It is not that you don't have pain mental emotional or physical. It is that you no longer have spiritual pain because you know you are one with God and that God is the universe and beyond.

For me, experiencing the whole universe and God as myself brings me the greatest peace. My particular path has been through soul travel which I prayed for God to be able to do consciously since I was a child and succeeded in my teens and 20s. Once I had done this I could soul travel all over the galaxy. When I went past the edge of the Galaxy I became terrified of what I found for a few years and then I started to meet Tibetan Lamas in my early 30s and learned how to soul travel to other galaxies and stopped being afraid of the void beyond the edge of our galaxy.This may all seem impossible to you but I can tell you all these things are possible and actual. And there are many books of other people who have done the same down through the centuries. Even Buddha talks about going to thousands of other planets with people on them all over the Galaxy this way. So, he did this too. But to me the most satisfying is experiencing the whole universe as myself which I attained through soul travel.

At first when I soul traveled in my 20s I thought that time and space was real. But soon I realized that Being and Souls are real but time and space is not very real and only real in a relative sense. Then I realized that there was really no effort to soul travel because all one had to do was to realize they were already where they wanted to be which only takes visualizing something and experiencing yourself in that time and space to accomplish. But learning all this took until my mid 30s to understand before I could do it easily. After that it was an incredible quantum jump in both perception and awareness.

So, for me, the point of being spiritual is that I can be one with God and One with God is always a Majority in everything you do. There is no success like spiritual success. And wealth is God and all souls and money is only the icing on the cake of God and Souls. So, good luck in your spiritual journey!

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