Monday, February 20, 2012

Siri for Alzheimer's or senile dementia cases to know who they are

In the earlier stages of Senile Dementia or Alzheimer's disease it might be possible to get a parent or relative with this condition an Iphone4Siri in order for the phone to tell them who they are and what day it is and who you are. Though this wouldn't be useful eventually in the earlier stages it likely could be.

For example, if you tell SIRI your name often SIRI will say back, "Would you like me to remember your name? And if you say "Yes" it will remember your name. Likely you could have SIRI remember who a person is if they are having problems remembering and SIRI in a nice voice repeated an almost infinite amount of times tell them who they are and what day it is and who their friends and next of kin is nearby. So they wouldn't think they are somewhere between 1930 and  1970s and be very confused when people they knew then aren't around now. So SIRI then becomes a handle on reality for those for whom reality (at least present day reality) is slipping away and a potentially less embarrassing way to remain functional for as long as possible while navigating one's life and world. For example, an older person with one of these two conditions might be sent out the front door for a walk with a note pinned on their chest saying, "Ask my IphoneSIRI who I am." In this way the person likely could get lost or if they were lost someone would know who to call in an emergency or other important event.

Note: even though the last above statement is true it might be really tricky in some ways depending upon the state of this person and what they might think reality is. So, if they think it is still the 1930s to the 1970s this could be an issue. If they think they are still 20 years old or 10 years old they might get into arguments with people who tell them otherwise. Imagine yourself if you were confronted with someone who told you that your reality was incorrect. You might think they are the ones insane and become verbally or physically combative in terror. So, be very careful with people who don't know who or where they are or what era they are presently living in.

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