Saturday, February 25, 2012

IMF:Higher Oil prices a threat to Global Economy

begin quote from above news article:

The International Monetary Fund has also warned higher oil prices are a rising threat to the global economy.
"It's clear that Washington is holding its regular fire-drill on $4.00 gasoline. This means going through the laundry-list of policies they could use, including an SPR release," said Bob McNally, a former White House energy adviser who now runs energy consultant Rapidan Group.
"Iran is the added twist. The odds Washington places on an Israeli attack on Iran are higher than the odds given by the oil markets." end quote.

The problem of Syria and Iran likely will seriously damage the eating habits of at the least 50% of the inhabitants of earth. Since Gasoline prices are already double what they were a couple of years ago and likely will be triple ($6to $7 a gallon) by August, unless the poorest 50% of the people on earth are being fed by locally grown cheap food they might not be eating at all. Because any food shipped might radically increase in price just like gas and diesel are worldwide and become unaffordable to buy for anyone below middle class incomes in most of the third world.

Note: One solution if you have a back yard or windowsill in the sun(anywhere on earth) is to start growing small amounts of food (if you have clean water) to supplement what you buy this year or to help feed others. It could be like the Victory Gardens of World War II in places like the United States and Canada during those times.

Victory garden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also, here is a very good film video vintage World War II that you can stream from your computer from the 1940s.
They show how to grow two crops per year if you have a large back yard or an extra acre and how many rows of what to grow so many types of vegetables are grown on the same lot or acreage.
Victory Garden.

However, you may want to use organic gardening techniques to avoid harmful sprays and pesticides or herbicides. Especially, if you plan to eat what you grow.

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