Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NBC News: Has the wreckage from Japan'a Tsunami Hit Seattle?

NBC News with Brian Williams was questioning whether Debris fields from the Japanese Tsunami have arrived yet? I think the answer is that it is likely that the lighter debris field could have made it here. If you have ever watched stuff blow across a lake it blows by weight and mass. The greater the mass and lighter the weight that floats the highest in the water goes many times faster across a lake or ocean than that of greater weight which lies lower into the water and creates drag. So, for example, empty plastic bottles will really move in wind or waves whereas deeper heavier things won't go fast at all. The same would be true of things like empty paint cans, and empty closed aluminum containers and lighter things that don't go deep and create drag under the ocean. So, my thought is yes, depending upon what kind of debris it is it could be from Fukushima in Japan. Also, if you aren't sure just take a geiger counter to the ocean and debris. That will tell you for sure if it goes up a lot when you bring it up to the debris and surrounding waters and fish that might be using the debris for refuge from predator fish.

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