Sunday, February 26, 2012

Everyday Saints

I got to thinking about what I had read at Wikipedia and had quoted here at my site under the title: What is a Mahasiddha? And I realized that Siddhas and Mahasiddhas were and are just everyday people trying to live their spiritual beliefs 24 hours a day to benefit themselves and all being on earth and beyond. So, this title, "Everyday Saints" simply means people like you and I with or without a church or religion living our beliefs 24 hours a day and often becoming enlightened and precious and saintlike thereby. One does not need religion or church to become a Saint one only needs God and enlightenment or Buddha and enlightenment to become a saint. A saint may be born but a saint can also be made by attaining to the highest goals and attributes.

Begin quote from Wikipedia under the heading "Mahasiddha"

The siddhas were remarkable for the diversity of their family backgrounds and the dissimilarity of their social roles. They were found in every reach of the social structure: kings and ministers, priests and yogins, poets and musicians, craftsmen and farmers, housewives and whores.[2]
The non-monastic Mahasiddha Dharma is composed of artists, business people, healers, family people, politicians, nobility, prostitutes and outcasts. The Mahasiddhas were a diverse group of people who were practical, committed, creative and engaged with their world. As a collective, their spirituality may be viewed as key and essential to their lives; simple, in concert and accord with all aspects of their lived experience. The basic elements of the lives of the Mahasiddas included their diet, physical posture, career, relationships; indeed "ordinary" life and lived experience were held as the principal foundation and fodder for realization. As siddhas, their main emphasis in spirituality and spiritual discipline was a direct experience of the sacred and spiritual pragmatism.[7] end quote from wikipedia

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