Sunday, February 26, 2012

Facebook Accused of Accessing Users' Text Messages

Facebook Accused of Accessing Users' Text Messages

Facebook is accused of accessing text messages of its users but the company has denied the charge by stating that it does not read the content and that the report is misleading.
The company has stated that the permission to read does exist since it has undertaken some testing of products, which will be requiring short message service to communicate with the Facebook app.
At the same time, Facebook has said it hasn't made any such features available to the public. end quote.

Unfortunately, if someone said this to me it would be sort of like saying, "I have access to all your bank account records in the last year but I didn't read them." In the end the likelihood Facebook is telling the truth could not be proved in court one way or another. So, like any American President and UFOs in ARea 51 they might have legal  "Plausable deniability". But if you really believe they didn't read your texts, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Being on a Smart PHone or computer on the Internet might be something everyone who has one will live to regret. So, I would say we all are on a slippery slope that we all hope isn't too slippery and too fast and doesn't lead us into sharp rocks in the ocean that we all might not survive eventually. So, my question to you might be: Is all our addiction to smart phones and the Internet potentially fatal to the human race or just to civilization? I don't know the answer. Time will tell 


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