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Dragon Babies

In Chinese, Vietnamese and other Asian communities across the world, it is widely accepted as fact that each dragon year brings a new wave of dedicated families eager for a "dragon baby." Every 12 years, media in China and southeast Asia report a surge in birthrates, with some maternity wards limiting the number of patients they accept for the year.

Even in the United States, the allure of the dragon baby still holds for many families. end quote.

It turns out for many people this is not just a Dragon Year which comes every 12 years but also a "Water Dragon Year" which comes only once about every 60 years which appears to be an even more auspicious time to have a baby. And the baby that is born will be a dragon from the Dragon year and a Water Dragon also. So, expect this year to be a bumper crop for babies especially oriental ones wherever they might live on earth.

The following is a excerpt of "Mahasiddha" which I wrote that speaks of "Water Dragons" on another planet at one point during the story.

Instantly, Arcane and Jonathan were on a completely different planet in another time. At first, Jonathan wanted to faint. The ocean before them was purple the sky was a sort of grayish blue and the sun was just coming up. They were in the water and Arcane looked very different. Though he was humanoid he had long "Hair?" They were in the water and Arcane motioned for him to go under.

Jonathan said, "Can I breathe water?"

Arcane said, "Yes."

So, Jonathan inhaled some water to test this theory. He coughed at first until he realized he had gills. Gills? My God, he had gills so he sucked water in through his mouth and it went out his gills. He learned right away to sort of skim it through his teeth to keep out larger particles but within a couple of minutes he got used to it. Arcane was very patient with him. He finally took Jonathan's hand and took him down about 50 feet where they sort of floated neutral buoyancy like a SCUBA Diver.

ARcane telepathed to Jonathan, "Turn over on your back and look up."

Jonathan did this and both of them were on their backs looking up at the surface 50 feet above them. Here he was in another time on another planet with his alien friend, Arcane swimming in a purple ocean looking up at the sun glinting through the ocean down to him. Life couldn't get any stranger. But it did.

Arcane said, "I'm calling a water dragon. Don't be afraid. We're going riding."

Jonathan started. "What's a water dragon?"

Arcane said, "They are something like a giant flying fish. Just imagine a flying fish on earth as big as a whale."

This was too surrealistic and Jonathan began to laugh like a child underwater while breathing water through his mouth and gills. The strange thing about it was that he could actually laugh underwater with no ill effects.

Jonathan waited with Arcane and found it very strange to look at Arcane with his natural golden colored eyes and violet skin, 9 inch tongue darting all about like an antsy worm, and then he noticed his tongue was doing the same thing. He realized the 9 inch tongue was a heat sensing device and sensed more than just food in ones mouth. It also sensed danger as well as food not yet in ones mouth, like fish and other edible creatures under the sea. Soon, he "tasted" the vibration of the coming Water Dragons.

When they arrived they were excited to see Arcane. He noticed ARcane was very young, maybe like a 15 to 20 year old New Devan water and air breathing human. Jonathan wondered how many other planets that human DNA from Earth had seeded 1 million years forward from when he lived in the 2000s AD.

The Water Dragons were very impressive. Their happiness was contagious. They were like dolphins, whales and even horses all combined in their love of underwater humans. There was a definite symbiosis going on here that reminded Jonathan of Trees and Humans or Trees and the various apes or just of dolphins and humans or Whales and humans. They seemed just as intelligent as humans only without the technology only because they didn't have hands to build stuff. But they could fly!

At first, to get Jonathan used to water riding and flying, he put Jonathan behind him on Octavia the female. The first time they cleared the water Jonathan thought he was going to die with the force first flying through the water and then the evaporation hit him and then he thought he might get hypothermia. Arcane telepathed, "Hold your water. Don't breathe it out! Otherwise, the hypothermia will just get worse from fast evaporation. The water in your lungs will help hold your body heat."

Before Jonathan did this he almost froze to death the first time out of the water. Arcane nudged the female water dragon, Octavia to quickly re-enter the water so Jonathan didn't start to freeze and fall off suddenly from hypothermia. But by the second time in the water Jonathan started to get the hang of holding his breathe and to only breathe water. "How Strange all this is but how fun also!" he thought.

The third time Jonathan had adapted enough to take a 30 second flight straight up like a bullet and then the water dragon unfurled it's iridescent wings. He could see rainbows through the wings against the sun. Amazing! He could not believe just how far up they shot up into the air like a bullet before the dragon unfurled her wings. Then the dragon caught an updraft because of the warm sun and they stayed aloft for a long time, almost a full minute. Jonathan looked over next to them and the male Brutus matched their trajectory perfectly and they flew in perfect formation. As they landed in the water and slowed down ARcane with his mind threw Jonathan on the back of Brutus. The Water Dragon said, "How can you be here? You aren't from this planet?" Jonathan replied, "I'm ARcane's student. He's training me."

The Water Dragon seemed incredulous and telepathed back. "How is that possible?"

"Arcane is very gifted and I am too on my home planet."

Brutus said, "Obviously." as they shot up like a bullet into the sky with Octavia his female.

Jonathan almost felt he was in a movie or something. How could all this be real?

ARcane said, "Truth is always stranger than fiction, Jonathan. If you don't remember anything else I teach you, don't forget that. Also, as long as you can stay centered as Mahasiddha you can create your own reality. Just don't let anyone even begin to try to control your thoughts. IF they do just imagine them gone.

Jonathan said, "Gone where?"

Arcane said, "Doesn't matter. Just Gone. Then later you can summon them back to life through spontaneous accomplishment."

Jonathan wouldn't let it go. "When they are gone are they dead?"

Arcane said, "NO. They just don't exist for a moment. They don't feel anything."

Jonathan said, "How is that possible?"

Arcane said, "Remember. IN actual reality truth is always much stranger than fiction. This is just one of the anomalies of being an Intergalactic Mahasiddha."

Jonathan said, "Is that what I am?"

Arcane said, "Remember. You are training to become Meridian. Eridian. Remember?"

Jonathan was sort of dumbfounded. He said, "That is really true?"

Arcane looked deeply into Jonathan and said, "Yep."

At the top of the next arc one mile into the sky while riding the water dragons as if there was no tomorrow Arcane said to Jonathan, "Why am I teaching you all this?"

Jonathan replied, "Because I am becoming Meridian, future Lord of the Heavens of Earth. I must learn to conduct souls to heaven from all over the universe who are preparing to incarnate on Earth after a stay in Earth Heavens. I must also conduct souls who are preparing to incarnate in other past, presents and futures both inside and outside of time and space and even into the formless realms. You are preparing me for this and much much more. You have met Meridian, He is one of your teachers, and he is the future Me."

Arcane sighed, "Yes. You understand. We can go back to Earth now." So in the middle of a weightless one mile high arc through the skies of New Deva 1 million years into the future, Jonathan was suddenly driving his car down a San Francisco Freeway towards his home once again. "My God, Arcane!" Arcane said, "Yes. God indeed is present in all our lives!" Jonathan was very quiet the rest of the way home just trying to make some sense of everything that had happened. He didn't want to accidentally die or something after all Arcane and Padma had done to help him make it as a Mahasiddha. end quote. 

This was the only section I believe on "Water Dragons". However, if you are interested in reading more about  "Mahasiddha"

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