Saturday, February 25, 2012

Earth's Climate to rise 7 degrees over next few centuries

  The study is the first to suggest that mammals may become smaller as global temperatures rise. In response to the increase in greenhouse gas, one-third of mammal species decreased in size, the study found. The findings raise questions as to how plants and animals respond to changes in the climate, including the changes in today’s climate. A number of scientists, including researchers at NASA, predict that the Earth’s temperature could rise upwards of 7 degrees Fahrenheit over the next couple of centuries, due to a 40 percent increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

end quote. 
If we look at what a worldwide rise in only 1 degree to 1.7 degrees average temperature has already done to earth in melting the ice caps, raising the ocean levels and cooling all ocean waters with melting ice in the northern hemisphere, as well as drastically altering weather patterns in the northern hemisphere I'm not sure I want to see what a 7 degree increase in temperature might be unless it means a new Hawaiian experience at the north pole.

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