Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Swiss and Clean Space I

While Watching Fareed Zacharia on CNN I found that the Swiss are sending up a (Space Cleaning) satellite called Clean Space one to tidy up space because of all the useless space junk up there now (thousands of satellites and stuff that doesn't work anymore slowly circling earth or in geosynchronous orbits). So, the purpose of their satellite is to clean this stuff up.

I had been thinking about this same problem the last week because it is getting harder and harder for space ships to contemplate leaving earth's orbit without hitting something orbiting our planet. So, I was thinking about a super light weight net about 1 to 5 miles across that could be flown through some of the debris fields to "gather dysfunctional satellites" and pieces of satellites and boosters so they could return to earth and burn up in the atmosphere. So, actually I'm happy other people are thinking the same way as I am. Also, my last name is from my Swiss Ancestors who came to America in 1725.

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