Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jonathan and Purple on 2012

Some of you may consider when I write about Jonathan Flow and Purple Delta 7 Science Fiction. However, from my point of view I am writing truth in a form that some might find useful sort of like when some people write moving poetry. By appearing to be science fiction it makes people less nervous when reading it.

If you want to know more about Jonathan Flow and Purple Delta 7 here are my archive sites for each of them:

Jonathan woke up and wondered what he was feeling. Purple was sitting in a chair nearby and he wondered why she was there. She said, "You wanted to talk to me about 2012. I'm ready."

Jonathan looked at her kind of funny and said, "You are allowed to talk to me about this year?"
Purple said, "Somewhat. Your near death experience has allowed me to say more."
Jonathan said, "In order to keep me alive?"
Purple said, "Yes."
Jonathan: "Why did I feel at Christmas that I would die this year?"
Purple: "Because the number of psychological and physical changes not only in you but in the world moves into an extreme phase. However, as you and I know by now you aren't going to die this year and possibly ever."
Jonathan felt nervous as to the direction of this conversation so he redirected it and said, "I was talking to my older daughter and she was complimenting me at being as strong as I am to maintain integrity under difficult circumstances."
Purple said, "You have a very wise daughter that she can finally see the truth."
Jonathan said, "Yes. She was also telling me about how spiritually everything is changing here on earth."
Purple said, "I cannot fully speak to that because I am not fully human."
Jonathan said, "And yet technologically you are superior to anything anyone on earth has ever known?"
Purple said, "I do not integrate information or process it as you do. Although I admire you we are like apples and oranges in the way we deal with things. I honor who and what you are but don't always understand human emotions or how they perceive things. Besides, as you know I am 5 million years old so in some ways when I talk to a human it is sort of like talking to a short lived bug or insect or something. For example, one might love dragonflies because they are wonderful. But does anyone really understand what goes through a dragonflies mind? I have mind melded with a dragonfly and I couldn't really make any sense of it at all, especially while they are in the underwater form before they go out onto rocks and pieces of wood and unfurl their wings. So I am given very strict parameters in how I can talk to any earth born human because of the unknown consequences of some things I could tell them."

Jonathan said, "Understood. However, I'm a little upset at being compared to an insect even though I like dragonflies too. Around 1980 they were swarming one summer in  Mt. Shasta and one could barely see the sky there were so many of them one day. It was amazing!"

Purple said, "I would like to have been there. I would want to see that in person. However, I can see the pictures you remember in your mind."
Jonathan said, "I used to be able to see what my first wife saw in her mind. I found that both wonderful and disturbing at the same time."
Purple said, "Yes. All beings process information slightly differently."
Jonathan said, "So, what can you tell me about 2012."
Purple said, "What do you want to know?"
Jonathan: "Well. Now I know I'm not going to die at least. But my daughter was talking about something interesting. She was saying that many intuitives like her and I are beginning to feel the energy coming up from the earth to their knees and others are experiencing something coming down through their heads as well. What do you make of that, Purple?"
Purple said, "Well. My sensors are aware of many changes to the Sun during this cyclical time of Sunspots and Coronal Mass Ejections. This could explain what "Sensitives" can experience during this time."
Jonathan: "Does how we experience all this change  change  us as humans?"
Purple: "From what I have observed in humans since I first came here and went to 1948 when you were born through time as one of your bodyguards, every single little change external or internal individually or in groups changes the way each and every human functions. Humans have to be constantly adaptive in a way that most species in the Galaxy simply could not manage. But humans can do this most of the time. However, some humans of any group are becoming overwhelmed by all the changes any given moment. And some of these recover and become functional again and some don't. But it is the capacity of humans to adapt that allows them to live on a world like Earth on which many other species could not  survive. "

Jonathan: "So you think most humans will survive the next couple of years okay?"
Purple: "Okay is a very relative term but what I would say is that people will change more on earth in the next couple of years than they did after 9-11 or the Cuban Missile Crisis or the 1960s. So get ready for a real roller coaster of change here on earth."

 Jonathan: "So what you are saying is that the human race will survive this and be okay too?"
Purple: "They will survive this and be amazed at the changes."
Jonathan: "Will the changes be as great as in the 20th Century?"
Purple: "Deeper and different than that. What it is to be human will have a different definition within one century to what it ever meant in the past."
Jonathan: "That sounds kind of scary."
Purple: "It just means that humans cease to see themselves just as flesh and blood only as they did for thousands of years. As humans add more awareness and senses to the mix the mix becomes greater but also different. It's sort of like what happened when planes and automobiles were invented. How people saw themselves completely changed if they knew how to drive or fly a plane. It's sort of like that."

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