Saturday, February 25, 2012

Genetic Memory and Past Lives

Even though genetic memory and past lives are theoretical to some people. What if we move under the supposition that both are actual for a moment. So, if you don't believe in either of these things I'm asking you to suspend disbelief just so you can be entertained by the concept if for no other reason.

Since both my parents believed in reincarnation just like most early Christians did at the time of Christ  until Justinian and Theodora put the pope in jail and changed the Bible in order to better be able to mentally enslave people to do their bidding by eliminating the hope for the future that reincarnation was and is:
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    Both historians became very bitter towards Justinian and his empress, Theodora. Other sources include the histories of Agathias, Menander Protector, John ...
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    Theodora I (Greek: Θεοδώρα) (c. 500 – June 28, 548), was empress of the Roman (Byzantine) Empire and the wife of Emperor Justinian I. Like her husband, she ...
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    So, as a young man I had an experience that made me think that genetic memory was also the way things worked as well. I cannot prove this to anyone because it was my own experience and not anyone else's. However, since that time I fully believe that anything that happened to any of our ancestors up the line i.e. (parents, grandparents, greatgrandparents all the way back through all their mothers and fathers is carried somehow within our dna. So, because of this it is my belief that one day scientists will be able to access this information from literally anyone's dna. Whether that will be good or bad might depend upon the motivations of those accessing this information. So, likely there are records of all experiences going back for thousands of years if we knew how to access it not only in genetic evolution chains but also, all actual experiences of oneself and all direct genetic ancestors as well. I fully expect that one day it will be possible to access all this information for everyone back for thousands of years. However, it might be kind of confusing to try to understand because we did not grow up in those circumstances ourselves in this lifetime, so we might not understand almost anything in any useful way that occurred then.

    Past life memories of souls might always be more difficult to prove. And that does not mean that past lives are true or not. It just means it all is sort of based upon personal experiences and belief. Also, what is real or not during any century  or at least perceptions of what is real or not changes in people's during any century. So, what is real to one group or individual is not necessarily real for another group or individual and I think it will always be this way ongoing.

    Since reality is an ever changing thing for most people whenever there are major shifts in perception of individuals or groups there is bound to be trouble if any group changes its perceptions too fast for the majority to follow, whether what the group believes is in fact scientifically provable or not. And even scientifically provable things do not necessarily have real meaning to people unless those people have some way to integrate those scientifically provable facts into something meaningful to that group of people. 

    Because of this even science must be considered a religion like philosophy right along  with atheism and totalitarianism and other philosophic systems whether governmental or not.

    Are past lives useful?

    Whenever I meet someone who tells me that they were Cleopatra or Julius Caesar or Napoleon or George Washington, I'm usually skeptical(because there can only be one of these for each) and we know that there are literally millions of people around that believe they are one of these.

    However, when somebody describes a relatively normal lifetime of being someone not too different than they are now in another century I might be more likely to believe that they are on to something rather than having some kind of delusional fantasy.

    So, are past lives useful? I would say it depends upon the person whether they are useful or not. And it also depends upon what people in their present lifetimes focus on about previous lifetimes. Because often people make most of the same mistakes in one lifetime after another. So, what you choose to focus on might be very very important in all this to break habits that were not useful in ANY lifetimes. So figuring out what you want to change in this lifetime and future lifetimes so your present and future and the present and futures of yourself and everyone around you now and in the future are better for it might be the most important thing you ever do in regard to your past lives and theirs.

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