Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Texting while walking is dangerous

You hear about people almost every day now who walk out into the middle of the street while texting and get hit by a bus, truck or car or even by motorcycles or bicycles or another pedestrian. In addition to this it is also easy to walk into a telephone pole, or other sign or light pole while texting or to step into a pothole or other problem on the sidewalk or street. One way around this is to verbally text so your eyes are free to see stationary or moving obstacles. It is also possible to verbally text even if you don't have an Iphone Siri as long as you have a smartphone that is either any iphone or android. I wrote about these new apps in: Vingo: SIRI type of clone App for older Iphones
I also write about in the above article an app for androids also. Though the Vingo that I use can't talk back to me I can verbally text to my hearts content with it as long as I edit it after I do it. Sometimes if I speak really clearly and slowly it is 100% accurate. But sometimes it is not sure of the words I'm speaking and then it drops to 75% to 80% accuracy of my words.

Another way to text is to just be still on a seat or chair somewhere. As long as you are in a safe place usually then it is safe to text in peace the old fashioned way with a keyboard of some sort on your phone.

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