Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Intuitive's Perspective

World War: A Clear and Present Danger

When I wrote the above I was writing from an intuitive point of view. When I am the clearest it is usually as I am waking up in the morning having spent the night with God. So, this kind of thing when I write it is a warning to the world of what could happen. But also by writing it it causes time and space to change from what it would have been to something better because everyone who reads this tends to change the future by their thoughts, prayers and actions. So, what I'm saying in this article is: "What I'm writing about likely would have happened if I didn't write this with the intention of changing the future by allowing all your participation in creating a better future.

A good example of this would be as if we all were riding in a bus and since I'm sitting in front near the driver I notice an accident up ahead and I say to the driver, "Look Out! I see an accident up ahead. We need to slow down!" And so the driver becomes aware of the accident and has the time to do an emergency stop before we plow into the accident ahead and die.

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