Sunday, February 12, 2012

One With God is a Majority

Being an Intuitive all my life there is one thing that I have learned, especially from hanging out with angels. It is that "One with God is a Majority". And if any one person on earth is in a God Fusion with God in that moment and for example aware of an impending nuclear holocaust somewhere coming then that one person as an emissary of God on Earth can stop such a situation or other harmful situations before they occur.

It is my personal experience that there literally is no limit to the power that can manifest under those circumstances. The only caveat is that such a person has to be willing to die if they are wrong. So motivation is everything here. But in the end there is no limit to the power that can manifest directly from God through Anyone who is in the proper motivation and state of full awareness and practicality and compassion. This is true for any one of the 7 billion plus people now on earth.

Note: The more people that understand this the more likely the human race will not go extinct but change and evolve both physically and spiritually and in all ways.

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