Sunday, February 26, 2012

Warmest Winter in U.S. since 1867

US demand for #Oil is down 6% year over year, special thanks to the warmest winter since 1867. Where would oil be w flat demand? about 1 hour ago ... end quote from Google and

Also, one of the guests on Fareed Zacharia on CNN on Sunday also quoted this fact.

That is quite a statement of fact that this is the warmest winter in the U.S. in 145 years.

And paradoxically, it is also the coldest winter in europe for at the very least 30 years so far.
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    2012 European cold wave - As of February 11, 2012 at least 590 people ... Coldest winter for 30 years in the UK with the longest sustained cold spell since 1981. end quotes from Google and Wikipedia

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