Monday, February 13, 2012

Ditch your Smart Meters

I live in a nice house near the ocean in Northern California now since 1999. However, at various points I have been told that the proximity to my power lines running down the street and the interface of my land line and my cable line will periodically cause airplane traffic static so they might not be able to communicate. Since I live about 10 miles from a jet port and 1 or 2  miles from one of the prevailing landing patterns this bothers me.  So, though the cable and telephone men have told me that they corrected the problem temporarily  there is no permanent fix. Next, Pacific Gas and Electric just made the problem much worse because of the smart meter that they put on my electric and gas meter outside. It turns out that this is actually a really powerful radio transmitter receiver that communicates with all the other smart meters in the area and often makes people ill if their smart meter is near there living room or bedroom. I'm lucky in that way because my bedroom is on the other side of the house from my smart meter which is outside my 2 car garage. But I just got a TiVo and the smart meter in combination with everything else just blew it out. Also, it appears to be blowing out Routers on my Wifi line as well. (I have been through about 5 routers in the last 5 years). But I'm not entirely blaming the Smart Meter. It is just the straw that is breaking the camels back. Besides it also might have something to do with my health also because I have been sick the last 2 weeks or so. So, since my nutritionist IS being made ill by her smart meter because it is right outside her bedroom she said to pay 70 or 75 dollars to have it removed and then 10 dollars a month to have someone come and read your meter. I guess the main advantage of a smart meter to P,G&E is that they don't have to hire someone to read your meter. So, likely hundreds to thousands of meter readers lost their jobs.  But for me and for most people it is only a disadvantage to have a smart meter outside their home. In addition to harming many people's health by transmitting radio signals throughout your neighborhood which will also make your neighbors sick as well as you, I see personally no use for it other than having other people on the internet know what amounts of electricity and gas you are using on a daily basis. And since this is only an invasion of privacy as far as I am concerned, there is no usefulness to it at all to me or likely to you as well.

Note: I was able to restart my Tivo sort of like restarting a pc which takes about 5 to 10 minutes but is also sort of a pain but at least I was able to get it back up and running again.

I think as more and more emf gadgetry like cell phones, wifi, cable, land lines, power lines, etc. interface that there will be many more health problems both directly and indirectly for humans as a result. I can also see how having a smart meter outside your bedroom could make you sick by comparing it to a much more powerful than a cellphone transceiver going all the time 24 hours a day outside your room.

Another potential health hazard are hybrid cars because the generators of enough electricity and the motors that drive the car aren't safe long term for humans to be around. I suppose if someone took a dentist's lead apron for x-rays type of material and put that between all generators alternators and electric motors and the passengers it might be safe but until then I think after about 10 years or more of any one person using hybrids only you will start to see people first getting ill and then over 25 to 30 years dying from electrical corona induced cancers. However, this kind of information likely will be suppressed by car companies as well because it would be bad for business.

Because of this I don't intend to buy a hybrid but only high mileage gasoline vehicles in the future. I asked my cousin and his wife about this because they have a Lexus hybrid. They said they felt that if it shortened their lives a little they were willing to do that so their kids would have cheaper gasoline until gasoline ends completely within 25 years.

Also, since a smart meter can be attacked from the internet by hackers your bill could be 2 times or more larger and you wouldn't know why. For example, our December bill was 500 dollars more than it has ever been so we know something is very wrong with it right there. However, if you are just a consumer of electricity and not a hacker how could you prove anything? So, protect yourself financially from computer hackers  and stay physically healthy as well by having your smart meter removed.

Later: When you call to have your Smart Meter removed they now have either a voice robotic option or you can talk to a person to confirm that you want to remove your smart meter. There is a programmed way to get rid of your smart meter by paying $75 to have it removed and paying $10 a month to have someone physically come and read your meter. So, by having your smart meter removed someone will either get a job or keep their job as a meter reader and you can remain healthier without worrying about having your utility bills hacked online.

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