Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dan Rather at HDnet on cable TV

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Daniel Irvin "Dan" Rather, Jr. (born October 31, 1931) is an American journalist and the former news anchor for the CBS Evening News. He is now managing ...
I had always like Dan Rather's reporting at CBS news and anywhere else he worked since the Viet Nam war when I was a young man. I was listening to a report at HDnet now called "Dan Rather reports" about technology stolen especially by the Chinese but also by Russia. It was obvious to me that it is much harder now because of the completely changed configuration of the world and because of the Internet and everything else to protect state secrets of any nation whether they be the U.S., Russia, China or any nation on earth. It is like the world has gotten so small and literally anything can be sent around the world in about 10 seconds to one minute. I was watching a Kids movie at the theater called "Journey 2 The Mysterious Island" and "The Rock" had what looked to be an Iphone. They had only one map so "The Rock" took a picture of the map with the Iphone built in camera and said, "Now we have two maps." This is how quick anything can be taken a picture of and if there is reception then sent almost anywhere on earth within one minute. In this kind of world how is anything protected? The answer is likely, it really can't properly be protected anymore effectively. So, what does this mean? It means that we need to be acting like one world because nation states cannot effectively be protected they way the once were from each other. And this likely will only get worse with time. It is not only that U.S. technology cannot be effectively protected but also ANYTHING going on in China or Russia can no longer be effectively protected from outside viewing either. Nothing anywhere is secret or can be protected from others now on earth anymore. So, warfare for all intents and purposes between large nations has become obsolete not only because of nuclear weapons but because of smart phones, laptops and the Internet.

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